What is The Hummingbird - Google Algorithm

What is The Hummingbird - Google Algorithm

m-Blogger.web.id - Google last year introduced the latest algorithm which is referred to as the hummingbird. It is a very big algorithm change because it affects up to 90% of the search results. This is a very big change. But how big?

What is The Algorithm?

The algorithm is a procedure design calculations carried out step by step for the automation of a process. The search engine makes this algorithm because it is impossible to check all web pages one by one.

In the system there are several algorithms that Google installed to process data from any web page. There are processing domain names, process links, onpage processing, content processing, there is a process of popularity, and so forth.

These algorithms will eventually rank for each page according to the search query enteredm. Currently we already know some of the names of Google's algorithm, such as caffeine, EMD algorithm , Algorithm Panda, Penguin algorithms , and much more. But this time we will discuss the major changes called Hummingbird.

Does This Negate The PageRank Algorithm Hummingbird?

This is a frequently asked question these days because Google looks more "cool" with the name of pagerank. Actually not really, because pagerank is among the 200 major factor that must be managed by the hummingbird, in assessing whether your pages are of good quality or not.

Google gives the name of the algorithm as a hummingbird because it considers these algorithms quickly and precisely like a hummingbird. So very many search positions slammed by Hummingbird Google's latest algorithm.

What does Google's Latest Algorithm?

This is a tremendous change and is different from Google and Penguin. So that friends easily understand this, then we suppose Google's algorithm as a machine, where is the oil filter Panda, Penguin is the carburetor, and so forth.

Unlike the hummingbird that is a whole machine. Hummingbird is a "new engine" for the Google system. An employee at Google equate this with the updates that Google in 2001. So this tends biggest change in the last 12 years. It's just worth noting that the new engine is also attached some old components, such as pandas, penguins, etc.

This algorithm update brings changes to the processing of semantic data. Where the algorithm is not only word for word processing, but trying to "understand" the desire of all the words you entered. That means these changes over a long query refers to such a sentence, for example "Why Jokowi not happy with the policy of cheap car" or "how social bookmarking can affect the ranking in Google".

So this greatly affects the long tail keywords, so that the people who pay less attention to the implementation of long tail keywords will get in trouble with the "new engine".

What to Do When Traffic Reduced Because Google's Latest Algorithm Update?

That is a difficult question to answer at this time because only recently made the announcement this week. So we still have to observe the first for some time to see what has changed. But overall, try to play it safe and do not violate Google's Quality Guidelines, especially for blogspot users.

Is SEO will already be dead? course SEO is not dead yet, it's just that we need to look at what needs to be adjusted. This is the art of SEO where we should be able to follow the rise and fall of the waves created by the Google algorithm.


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