3 How to Get Many Visitors Blog

3 How to Get Many Visitors Blog

m-Blogger.web.id - How to get a lot of visitors to the blog to say banyakan difficult than trivial, that is why a lot of bloggers who get frustrated to make a blog crowded. But do you know why the bloggers are working hard to get a high traffic blog?

By the time we talk about traffic then we talk about the commercial potential of a blog. For example, a blog with a number of visits over 20.000 visitors/day can set up rates 100 USD for a stall most strategic advertising on his blog.

This is why so many blogs popping up, and compete for market share in the virtual world. But only a handful of newcomers that will eventually know how to how to increase blog traffic correctly.

Anything That Can Bring Visitors to Your Blog?

There are many ways that we can do toget a lot of visitors in the blog.

1. Getting a Lot of Visitors From Search Engines

At present, traffic from search engines is the most desirable, why? Because the search engines to bring targeted visitors, the visitors who really need what we serve in the blog.

This is why many online businesses that do SEO, as it is easier to turn your visitors into buyers of search engines rather than visitors who come from other sources. So you will be easier to earn money on the internet using SEO methods other than.

But you have to recognize that the market name. Every business has a different magnitude of markets. So do not you think if it becomes a champion on your topic, then your blog is definitely crowded. There are so many topics that only its search dozens of people every day.

So there are two things you can do:

  • Setting a theme first blog and receive whatever traffic that might occur, or
  • You specify that you expect visitors then choose a theme that might give you the number of visitors that much.

If you want your blog to compete in the search engines, then there are three things you should do:

  • Wearing a template that meets the criteria SEO Friendly template blog.
  • Creating a quality article.
  • Doing SEO optimization Offpage like to get backlinks for blogs and blog promotion.

2. Getting Traffic From Social Network Blog Visitors

Why do you seem to focus look for the blog visitor traffic from social media? The answer is simple but made me aware of many things. Wanna know the answer? He said simply "followers and friends is much more stable than the Google algorithm". Sure enough, when bolsters want to overthrow wants to follow the search engines.

The pleasant news that facebook is now following in the footsteps of twitter in terms of the use of the hashtag, so that we can more easily search for the people who have the same interests as us.

3. Get a Blog Visitor Traffic From Site Reference

What is a reference site? Reference sites are large sites that have a lot of traffic and can make us sprayed traffic from them. There are several types of websites like this, ie:

  • Social Bookmark
  • Forums
  • Wiki Media

All you have to do is just put up a post on your social bookmarking articles, or attach your article link in the answers you give in the forum or create articles that contain your blog link.

But try to comment on dofollow social bookmarking and can generate backlinks to your blog. Although the non-rich anchor text, but tolerable value of the authority of such websites. To simply googling it Social Bookmark List DoFollow.


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