Effect of Mechanical Shortened URL on SEO Backlink

Effect of Mechanical Shortened URL on SEO Backlink

m-Blogger.web.id - Lately, more and more are doing backlink technique using shortened URL like goo.gl. What is the effect of such techniques on SEO? I try to discuss a bit because today is pretty much asking for trouble on this one.

How Google Sees Short URL as Backlinks

We often see many people commenting using Short URLs, both in the pages that limit the length of the URL or in the pages of social media. Therefore many newbie who asked what the effect of the use of shortened URL.

Currently Google treats as permanent short URL redirect 301.That means all the points that you get the SEO will be forwarded to the redirected URL length.

What does he mean by this SEO points? Well, of a link, there are some things that observed by Google as "link juice" aka points backlinks, anchor text, relevance, and authority. All these points will be forwarded from the short URL to URL length. It's just that there has been speculation that the backlink points may be reduced by about 15% but the other will be forwarded by Google.

So the effect of this shortened URL can actually be quite positive, if we do not put a backlink compared at all. Only if the original URL can also be a good one.

So, make your backlink sources vary. If only any of the blog commenting can be dangerous. Because Google's algorithms are being developed to anticipate the backlink spammers in the comments field.


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