How to Conduct Keyword Research on Google Keyword Planner

How to Conduct Keyword Research on Google Keyword Planner - Every blogger should know how to do keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner. Why? Because it will help us gauge the potential traffic that can be obtained.

This is the initial stage that you must do if you expect something from blogging activities. If you do blogging just for fun, then you certainly do not need to do this.

Why do I say keyword research in Google Keyword Planner as something important? Because I often find many people experiencing a major disappointment in the activity of the blog or her online business for ignoring this one. They've spent a lot of time and effort in the optimization of traffic just to get a very small. If only little traffic, then of course you can imagine how big the percentage that can be converted into a transaction.

Another case when all the results are quite big deal. For example, you sell a house deal the results can be used for the next few months while waiting for another deal.

So before you are disappointed because the traffic is so bad, it helps you quickly perform keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner. (Actually, this is the tool "replacement" of keyword research tool Google External Keyword Tool which for some reason Google's keyword tool is closed in August 2013 ago).

1. Registering Your Google Account to Adwords

If you already have a Google account, then you can just do the procedure below to get an Adwords account (a customer ID).

  • Please enter keywords into Google page planner (click here)
  • You will be prompted to log in with the gmail username and password.
  • keyword+planner.png
  • Select Time Zone and thereafter click CONTINUE.
  • keyword+planner+2.png
  • Wait for the message that you have successfully created an account and click the link to open your adwords account.
  • keyword+planner+3.png
  • You will be asked once again to log in, so enter another gmail account and password previously been registered.

Thus your registration has been completed. You are ready to use the Google Keyword Planner.

2. How to Use Google Keyword Planner to Perform Keyword Research

To select keywords using Google's external tools, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Once you get to the page click ADWORDS AND ANALYSIS TOOLS menu, drop down will appear featuring KEYWORD PLANNER, click the sub-menu.
  • google+keyword+planner.png
  • On the new page click on Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.
  • google+keyword+planner.png
  • Enter the keywords that you want on the form, and then change location into Indonesian language (if you are targeting the domestic market only). Then click GET IDEAS.
  • keyword+planner+4.png
  • On the resulting page, click the tab KEYWORD IDEAS to display a long list.
  • If your online business, then click AVG.MONTHLY SEARCHES to show keywords with the highest search.
  • If your search advertising money from Adsense, then click AVG.CPC to demonstrate the highest paid keywords.

Therefore Avg. Monthly Searches is the parameter number of keyword searches, then this value should be the main focus of your attention. There are 2 things you need to know about the value of Avg. Monthly Searches, namely:

  • Google displays search hasill exact. The meaning is the exact number of searches performed by entering keywords actually exactly the same you type while doing research.
  • Therefore, the result is exact, then you should try to incorporate some other variations of your keywords to find the number of searches as much as possible of this keyword research.

What if, for example after a lot of variety and the results remain small? You can expand the area to discuss other issues that are still quite related to your topic today. So you can get additional traffic from keyword "expansion" is. To convert it, make sure you put up a banner that interest.

If after extended search values ​​are still too small? Yes there is no choice but to optimize the small. Is that a bit of it you can turn into a decent value for money? If not you should think again, whether business or plan your blogging is valuable to be continued.

So often research the keywords that do not bring you see the incredible income, but simply "save" you from activities that waste time and effort you.


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