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What is The iFrame? What is iFrames Impact on SEO?

M-Blogger ID - What is a iFrame? What is the impact on SEO iFrames? So this time I want to discuss a bit about the iframe. Iframe is "frame" to display another webpage on a page. One example is the widely used iFrames chatbox and videos from youtube. The question is what the impact or result of the use of iFrames? But before that we discussed a bit about how to make an iFrame.

How do I Make The iFrame?
Makes it very easy iFrames, just use the following command:
<*iframe src="" width="350px" height="300"><*/ iframe>


Change with the URL you want to publish.Change the width and height values ​​with values ​​that you like.
What is Makes iFrames Impact on SEO?
Things you need to underline is the first time you make when creating iFrames your browser to load additional web pages in one tab. The more you use iFrame, so the more web pages opened simultaneously.

Let's say y…

What is Your Home Can Crawled Google?

M-Blogger ID - What is your home can crawled Google? Actually there are many ways to see if your page is crawled by Google. You can use the fetch feature as Google or look at the cached search results. But other than that you can look the other way.

Seeing Google Crawling With Google Translate
For check if your pages can be crawled by Google, you can use the features of Google Translate. By using this feature you is asking the display of Google robots when you visit the page at once. This is different from the cached version mempelihatkan only version of the last visit only.

Of several attempts, I see that the script is described in the blog html, it can be read by Google robot, but external scripts will not be executed by Google.

Many webmasters are using differences in the nature of the crawl javascript to display the content you want crawled and do not want to be crawled by Google but is still seen by visitors to the blog. But then again, Google Translate method is only one of several …

5 Reasons SEO Can Fail

M-Blogger ID - Some say that they managed to achieve improvements in SEO blog, and of course that failed also. So if there is a failure, and nothing works it does not matter fate alone. It was a matter of business and who do it better.

So I tried to make this article to show my friends some of the things that make blogger friends fail in doing SEO optimization on the blog.

1. One Farm, One Hope
Many blogger friends who chose a theme that is very limited its search. The theme this kind usually have weak competition, so it technically would be easier to master. But, even if you have power on those keywords. Blogs you still can not reach the level of crowd you expect.

How to make a blog can be crowded? The options just two:

You are looking for a topic that many people are searching for and trying to master it (would be difficult).You are looking for a topic that little quest, but you reproduce variations topic.
2. Do not Want to Learn Staged
This blog was deliberately made ​​to provide a tutori…

9 Type Penalty Google

M-Blogger ID - The types of sanctions or penalty Google is something that often confuse a lot of bloggers. Many of the bloggers who do not know why suddenly the visitors of Google's traffic is drastically reduced. They do not realize that the blog is being hit by sanctions from Google as a result of a "campaign" blog is done.

To help the blogger friends recognize the types of violations, which brings penalty from Google, then I make an article this. Hopefully with this article can help friends blogger to recognize the problem of what is coming his blog.

1. Penalty from Google Penguin
Google algorithm Google Penguin is designed for attacking web spam . So if your blog is engaging in the act of cloaking, keyword stacking and participate in a backlink search system, so beware. Could a little sloppy slapped from Google Penguin. The results of this penguin a Google slap punitive sanctions or penalties that could make your blog visitors graph into sprawl.

2. Penalty from Google Pa…

Perkelahian Terbesar Facebook: Pengadilan Amerika Serikat Meminta Data

M-Blogger ID - Facebook sedang berjuang perintah pengadilan Amerika Serikat dimana ia dipaksa untuk menyerahkan data milik hampir 400 orang yang terlibat dalam percobaan pemanfaatan penipuan.

Situs media sosial itu mengatakan permintaan "terbesar" itu pernah diterima dari badan pemerintah. Foto-foto, pesan pribadi dan informasi lainnya yang diberikan kepada pengadilan New York tahun lalu, namun proses tersebut dipublikasikan oleh hakim minggu ini.

Putusan didefinisikan Facebook sebagai "pemilik digital". Seorang hakim mengatakan definisi ini berarti perusahaan harus mematuhi penggeledahn surat perintah.

Kasus awal diselidiki pengadu penipuan memanfaatkan kecacatan federal Amerika Serikat, yang ternyata akun Facebook menunjukkan bahwa mereka sebenarnya sehat.

Web raksasa diperintahkan untuk menyerahkan informasi dari 381 rekening, yang pengadilan mengatakan terdapat "bukti kriminalitas".

Setelah banding ditolak, memenuhi Facebook dengan perminta…

OnPage Optimization Blog On Comments

M-Blogger ID - Onpage optimization blog to comment? Perhaps many blogger friends who are confused whether comments on blogs can be optimized? And how much influence the optimization in the comments? For simplicity's sake, please read the following brief description.

So How Do optimization Comments On Blogs?
It is certain to be a nofollow link on the blog. Do not let the comments be the point of leak points that continuously increase in size as you get comments.Note added comments in your blog, if a comment has been too much and all the comments that are not related to the topic, then it could be all of the comments it makes the page rank continues to decline. So as to prevent all-time your comentar itself with a commentary full of keywords that article. A simple example: "Thank you for stopping by bloggers already in onpage optimization blog article on this comment, hopefully useful".Make sure you insert the keywords in the occasional comment in bold print. The way is easy…

How to Make Blog Indexed Google and Not Banned

M-Blogger ID - Today more and more people realize the importance of building a website. Whether it's for personal use or for business. Unfortunately after creating the website, they wonder why their website is not indexed or after a drop directly indexed or even get banned from Google.

Overall there are three things you should consider to make your website into the Google index, and is not banned after.

Website Design with Good So as Index in Google
When you make sure you are designing a website in advance how the system of links between pages. Hierarchical system regularly will help visitors search for articles that are needed, and make sure all of your pages in Google's index entry.The system should be designed with a good link, so not too many links on one page.If your website is so complex and has many articles it helps create a site map page that contains your articles hierarchy. If it turns out the number of articles are too much, it can be broken down into many site map pa…

How to Installing Automatic Description Meta Tag

M-Blogger ID - How to Install Automatic Description Meta Tag in Blogspot is actually very easy. So this article may be brief. Actually it is more recommended meta description to be entered manually. If you are interested in adding the meta tag description manually, please read the how to in the article title, meta description, and heading tags.

But if you feel it is too much trouble, then please follow the instructions in this article. Just before you do this make sure you do not activate the meta description option on the menu Settings > Preferences Troubles. If you've never activate, then before installing an automatic meta description is, it helps you off first.

How to Install Auto Meta Description Go to The Menu Template

Click the Edit HTML.Just below code <*/ title> enter this code:

<*meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName + " dari blog " + data:blog.title + " dengan judul " + data:blog.pageName' name='description'/*>Click Save Te…

How to Make a List Contents Article Blogspot

M-Blogger ID - Actually the basic functions of the script below is a list contents of the blog blogspot platform. But my goal is not only to make this article to help you make a list of the contents of the blog there, but also use it to restore the blog if your blog someday attack the irresponsible.

Actually there is no hard, you have to do is quite simple to follow the procedure below:

Log in to your blogger account.Use the Create menu Create Page or Post.While we were making the page list contents, please switch from Compose mode to HTML mode.Insert the following script into the column typing:

<*div style="overflow:auto; border: 1px solid #000000; margin: auto; padding: 3px; width: 100%; height:270px; background-color: none; text-align: left;"*>
<*script style="text/javascript" src=" "><*/script>
<*script src="…

5 Aplikasi Terbaik iOS Utilitas dan Peralatan

M-Blogger ID - Manajemen file asli tidak pernah salah satu poin yang kuat dari iOS, terutama jika Anda terbiasa berbasis pencarian file Windows. Namun, aplikasi ini membantu mengisi beberapa lubang dengan pencarian file lokal, berbagi file lokal melalui FTP, membaca dokumen Office dan banyak lagi. Ini gratis, fitur yang bagus. Ada juga edisi power berbayar yang mencakup hal-hal seperti PDF markup.

Sedangkan sistem operasi mobile Apple tidak berpegangan tangan pengguna ketika di manajemen perangkat lebih daripada pesaing Android, ada beberapa langkah tambahan yang dapat Anda ambil untuk mengoptimalkan perangkat iOS Anda.

Utilitas gratis pihak ketiga yang tersedia dalam bentuk aplikasi untuk manajemen baterai, penyimpanan dan backup kamera, serta untuk menemukan ponsel yang hilang, dsb.

Berikut adalah lima utilitas dan alat gratis untuk iOS:

1. Battery Doctor HD

Battery Doctor HD rating 4 lebih dari kemungkinan 5 untuk semua versi, berdasarkan peringkat 2.201, dan 4 lebih bintang dari 5 bin…

How to Redirect 301 URL Divert

M-Blogger ID - How to Perform a 301 Redirect or divert the URL? In the menu blogspot is already available. But before doing a redirect, so it's good to first understand why a URL needs to be divert.

You need to do a 301 redirect when a page on the blog you want to be replaced by another page. But the page you want to change it to have a lot of visitors. To prevent the visitors we encounter unwanted pages or pages that have been deleted, then we should do a redirect.

To do this 301 redirect simply do the following simple steps:
Log in to your blogger account.Go to the Setting menu.Select Preferences Troubles.Choose section Error and Divert.Click on the Edit Special Assignment.It would appear the two columns, the column from diverted enter the URL of the article, while in the to field enter the destination URL redirection.Consider, for example, the URL is then need to be included. …

Example DMCA Notice to Overcome Copy Paste Blog

M-Blogger ID - It is no secret that many bloggers slacker who wants to take money from the virtual world of instant manner. So that in the process they justified the means, even if it means harming others. So if they do not want to think about other people's feelings, why do we have to think about their feelings.

In short I will give an example of a copy of a DMCA notice can be sent to multiple parties.

How to Overcome The Msst Common Problem Copy Paste is Send DMCA Notice to Person
Many people are confused what exactly the DMCA Notice? The DMCA Notice some sort of warning or statement of objections to piracy content you send to the content thief. If he is willing to cooperate, then the DMCA notice will be finished up there.

The problem is most of these content thieves anonymous nature and trying to not be tracked, so that complaints be difficult for mercy. Or if they are contacted, they are trying to look more fierce than us. So if it turns out the thief does not want to cooperate th…

How to Prevent Auto Blog Your Copy Paste Articles

M-Blogger ID - Auto blogs are blogs that automatically publish content from other blogs. Its working principle is to utilize a blog feeds notifications of incoming email to them, to then automatically posted to his blog.

The biggest problem of auto blogs is that they can parallelize feeds from multiple blogs to be published on their blog. In the early days may not be too influential because of their level of indexing is slow. But along with increasing the article, then the index rate will improve their blog whereas dicopas blog will be problematic.

We will see that this blog diligently auto publishing articles. This of course will make them run faster indexing. Traced blogs auto blog would be damned if this is more first indexed.

We would like to write for the blog auto owners and not for their own blogs. If you are willing to be a writer free for other people's blogs, then so be it. But if it is not willing then there are several things you can do.

First: Preventive measures to short…

Glossary of General SEO

M-Blogger ID - If you do not understand the common terms used in SEO, then maybe you will need a very long time to understand SEO tutorials here. So it helps you get to know some of the prior studies in terms of SEO.

SEO Glossary of OnPage Optimization
Optimization of Head

Title Tag is the code that is placed at the head, the code that determines the look of the title in the browser tab and title display in the search results of search engines like Google. Code in the HTML title tag is <*title>Title Page<*/title>Meta Description meta tag is to be displayed in snippets of search results description or quotation. Code in the HTML meta description is . This code is also placed at the head.Meta Robots is a meta tag that can be used to govern the behavior of ROBOT in your blog page. HTML code is .Cascade Style Sheets or CSS is accompanied by a series of defining the name of the name display settings. CSS is located in the head but can be executed in the body of the class or id com…

How to Overcom Duplicate Meta Description and Content

M-Blogger ID - How to cope with duplicate meta description on blogspot is quite simple. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to do this. But first blogger friends may need to know the reasons why meta description is duplicated in many pages could be a problem for our blog.

No such thing as a penalty or penalties for duplicate content. If your blog indexed by some URLs that serve duplicate content, then maybe the blog is in trouble. As a sanction could have your blog index rate will be reduced and the ranking will drop slowly. So inevitably we have to address the problem of duplicate content within this blog.

Examples of duplicate content can happen in the Archives format as below:
Both of the above format is the archive for the month of Juny 2014.

Or it could happen in the following format:…

How to Get Out of Google Duplicate Content Penalty

M-Blogger ID - How to get out of Google duplicate content penalty is not an easy thing. There are many things to do. So before you entangled in this issue, there is a good idea to routinely hunt duplicate content on your blog.

Why is this necessary? What are the risks if you are detected as duplicate content perpetrators? The risk is that you will be exposed to a penalty low quality content, which means the ranking of the articles on your blog will fall. This is a Google Penalty type provided by Google Panda.

Ranking blogs that fall means conversion also deteriorated. If the original blog, you can get 20 visitors per article, it will probably only drop to 10 visitors per article, even one visitor per article is also highly likely.

Why? Because when you change the structure of the blog will be down shortly blogs performance. Performance blog is down for a moment this is the point where the auto blog outrun our index. As a result we do that would be considered duplicate content at the time…

Criteria SEO Friendly Blog Template

M-Blogger ID - Criteria SEO friendly blog template that I will discuss this time is the conclusion of blogging activity over the last year. You need to know, Edit template risk reduction in visitor traffic between 10%-40%. Duration traffic reduction around 1-2 week. So to avoid a continuous decline in traffic, then make sure you only edit the template once.

So before you start editing your template to be more SEO Friendly, it helps you design it first on a piece of paper. In designing the template of blog, enter all the elements of SEO Friendly criteria you want to apply.

So, What is The Criteria SEO Friendly Template That?
Part <*head>:

The title tag should use the TITLE PAGE format, for example CRITERIA SEO FRIENDLY BLOG TEMPLATE, because this is better than format CRITERIA SEO FRIENDLY BLOG TEMPLATE - LEARN SEO AND BLOG BEGINNERS.Meta description should consist of approximately 150 characters, there are words that should not be more than two times the occurrence.Use rel='cano…

Simple Explanation, How to Blog Appear on Google

M-Blogger ID - How to appear in Google's blog that actually requires a fairly complex process. Although I have repeatedly seek explanations simple and easy to understand, still much remains constrained in its execution. Hopefully this explanation can be understood by many people.

In simple that you need in order to appear blog in Google just 3 things, namely:
SEO friendly template blog.Diligently writing quality articles SEO.Diligent search for backlinks to your blog.
It was all just what you need for your blog appear in Google. But that does not mean you can do this with ease. Each stage takes a complex process. For example for blog templates, when I mentioned the problem of meta tags, headings, alt tags, title tags, and so forth.

How to Get SEO Friendly Template That Appears Blog in Google
My advice if you do not know how to edit the template, use the template SEO Friendly finished. You can use a collection of blog templates SEO friendly this blog, or templates that are SEO friendly …

Google Search Operator for Filter Search Results

M-Blogger ID - As a blogger cyberspace almost second nature can be said for our daily lives. Just as the real world there are so many choices in the virtual world. It is unfortunate if a blogger's ability to track information using Google only limited ability of ordinary people.

Google itself is a giant in cyberspace with all systems octopus, ranging from a gmail email account, website video youtube, android, Google Chrome, and many other business sectors from Google. But of course the biggest and most functional still is Google Search. Google search can help you find anything that is not protected in cyberspace.

It's just that you must already know that there are trillions of information in cyberspace, while the first page of Google can only contain a maximum of 10 results. So you need to learn how to get the best results. So this time I will share how to find what kind of information you want from the virtual world using Google search operators.

Google Search Operators ", …

Periklanan atau Marketing Afiliasi: Mana Yang Terbaik?

M-Blogger ID - Banyak blogger menanyakan hal ini untuk mana mendapatkan uang yang lebih dari iklan atau marketing afiliasi. Setiap blogger dan pemilik situs memiliki pemikiran yang berbeda, sedikitnya mengatakan dibayar oleh iklan yang terbaik, sementara beberapa mengatakan marketing afiliasi adalah cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan uang dari blog Anda. Jadi, dalam artikel ini akan memberitahu Anda beberapa tips untuk memahaminya, yang merupakan cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan uang dari blog Anda.


Jika Anda menggunakan jaringan iklan, seperti Google AdSense, Infolinks dll terjadi perubahan iklan pada isi yang tersedia pada halaman. Seperti perubahan iklan pada konten yang tersedia pada halaman, sehingga dapat menarik pengunjung Anda lebih dari link afiliasi Anda tetap pada artikel atau gambar. Jadi pengunjung Anda lebih tertarik pada iklan, seharusnya semakin baik penghasilan Anda.

Kemungkinan Lainnya:

Banyak orang belum pernah membeli secara online, atau bahkan beberapa or…

Bagaimana Cara Mendapatkan Uang Secara Online dengan Blogging?

M-Blogger ID - Hampir setiap orang yang memiliki blog ingin mendapatkan uang melalui blog, tapi tidak semua orang tahu bagaimana mereka bisa mendapatkan uang dengan menggunakan blog. Ada begitu banyak cara yang orang bisa digunakan untuk mendapatkan uang secara online dengan mudah dan juga ada pula yang sulit. Bahkan banyak orang mengatakan bahwa mendapatkan uang melalui blogging adalah mustahil, sementara banyak blogger dengan waktu yang penuh dan tergantung pada blog untuk penghasilan mereka. Jadi dalam artikel ini akan memberitahu Anda beberapa cara yang bisa Anda ikuti untuk mendapatkan uang dengan menggunakan blog Anda.

Cara Mendapatkan Uang Melalui Blog:

Ini adalah salah satu cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan uang melalui blog, karena ada kemungkinan lebih bahwa orang akan mengklik iklan dari yang lain. Jika Anda memiliki sebuah blog yang baik yang bisa mendapatkan persetujuan dari Google AdSense, Anda dapat mulai mendapatkan uang (tergantung pada lalu lintas blog Anda). G…

Bagaimana Cara Mendapatkan Uang Melalui Marketing Afiliasi?

M-Blogger ID - Ada banyak perusahaan besar dan kecil yang menawarkan program afiliasi, dimana penjualan dapat meningkat lebih cepat. Banyak orang yang mengatakan bahwa program afiliasi hanya buang-buang waktu, sementara ada juga banyak orang yang mendapatkan uang hanya dari layanan afiliasi. Ini adalah program sederhana dimana setiap orang ketika membeli sesuatu dari website (perusahaan) dengan menggunakan link afiliasi dari siapa pun, pengguna dari link afiliasi tersebut apabila terjadi pembelian akan dibayar.

Banyak orang membuat program afiliasi sebagai alternatif iklan di website dan blog mereka. Alasan di balik ini hanya karena kebanyakan orang tidak ingin membeli sesuatu secara online atau dengan menggunakan afiliasi atau lihat link.

Bagaimana Mendapatkan Uang Lebih Melalui Link Afiliasi?
Berikut langkah-langkah yang dapat Anda ikuti untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak penjualan dengan menggunakan link afiliasi Anda:

Tempatkan Iklan Banner di Sidebar:

Anda dapat menempatkan iklan banner d…

5 Cara Terbaik Mendapatkan Uang Secara Online

M-Blogger ID - Mendapatkan uang dari Internet sangat banyak caranya, dimana beberapa dari itu ada yang mudah dan juga ada yang sulit. Itu tergantung pada orang-orangnya yang mencoba untuk mendapatkan uang. Namun begitu banyak orang masih tidak percaya bahwa mendapatkan uang juga dimungkinkan melalui Internet, terutama orang tua berpikir ini. Karena ada begitu banyak cara, sehingga tergantung pada Anda yang lebih baik bagaimana cara mendapatkan yang terbaik bagi Anda. Ide yang terbaik adalah menguji semuanya, dan kemudian memilih salah satu yang lebih Anda sukai.

Cara Terbaik Mendapatkan Uang Secara Online:

Ya, ini adalah salah satu cara terbaik untuk mendapatkan uang secara online. Jika Anda adalah seorang penulis yang baik dan dapat menulis pada satu topik seperti teknologi, Anda dapat menempatkan iklan, link afiliasi dll untuk mendapatkan uang. Satu-satunya hal yang Anda butuhkan adalah keunikan yang mana Anda akan mendapatkan pengunjung pada blog Anda. Alasan mengapa itu ada…

Hal Yang Dapat Dilakukan Sebelum Menggunakan Domain TLD

M-Blogger ID - Setiap Blogger baru ketika terjun ke dunia Blogging, pasti berpikir untuk mendapatkan domain untuk blognya. Jika belum memiliki, banyak orang melakukan kesalahan dan langsung memulai blognya dengan kustom domain. Jadi, di artikel ini akan memberitahu Anda apa yang harus Anda lakukan terlebih dahulu sebelum melakukan kustom domain. Mari kita mulai hal-hal apa yang harus Anda lakukan, apakah dengan blog gratis Anda di Blogger, Wordpress atau lainnya.

Memulai Blog Gratis:
Mulai melakukan posting di Blog Anda adalah hal utama yang harus Anda lakukan. Setelah Anda melakukan banyak posting di blog Anda, setelah itu Anda bisa yakin bahwa Anda dapat menjalankan kustom domain. Setelah Anda melakukan setidaknya 30 posting dan Anda yakin bahwa Anda juga bisa memposting yang lebih, Anda mungkin dapat kustom domain. Tetapi ada juga beberapa hal yang Anda harus lebih berhati-hati sebelum melakukan kustom domain.

Dapatkan Beberapa Pengunjung:
Hal berikutnya yang harus Anda perhatikan adal…

Bandingkan Kecepatan Blog Anda dengan Blog Lain

M-Blogger ID - Jika Anda pemilik blog niche apapun, Anda mungkin selalu berpikir pada kecepatan blog Anda dan mencoba untuk menghitung yang lebih cepat (blog Anda atau pesaing Anda). Bahkan banyak orang bookmark blog yang memberikan informasi yang baik dan yang lebih cepat. Jadi, dalam artikel ini akan memberikan ulasan tentang mengukur kecepatan blog Anda (atau siapa pun) dengan mudah.

Banyak cara lain untuk membandingkan kecepatan blog dan bahkan di Browser Google Chrome pun bisa, tapi itu lebih sulit dibanding berikut ini. Jadi, blog Anda mungkin seperti itu lebih baik, itu karena website ini khusus dibuat untuk perbandingan kecepatan. Anda dapat memilih salah satu, dua atau lebih blog untuk diuji dan kemudian dibandingkan dengan mudah. Nama situs ini adalah "Which Loads Faster". Anda dapat klik di sini untuk mengunungi dan mencobanya.

Yang Mana Loading Lebih Cepat?
Which Loads Faster adalah situs yang memberikan kita fitur perbandingan kecepatan blog/website secara gratis d…

Apa itu Kemitraan YouTube? Bagaimana Mendapatkannya?

M-Blogger ID - Ada begitu banyak publisher video di YouTube dan bahkan Anda dapat menemukan banyak video yang dapat membantu Anda untuk mendapatkan uang secara online. Banyak orang terus mencari bagaimana mereka mendapatkan jumlah uang yang lebih. Anda bisa mendapatkan uang dari upload video yang berkualitas ke YouTube.

Jika Anda ingin masuk ke dalamnya, maka Anda harus selalu berpikir tentang video Anda, bukan penghasilan Anda. Cobalah upload video yang mungkin baik dilihat oleh pengunjung. Anda hanya perlu upload video dan menunggu banyak pangunjung untuk mendapatkan uang. Ini mungkin membuat beberapa orang bosan, tetapi jika Anda menjadi publisher video yang bagus dan video Anda mulai mendapatkan begitu banyak pangunjung sehari, Anda bisa mendapatkan jumlah uang yang lebih, hanya dengan upload beberapa video. Untuk mulai mendapatkan uang dari YouTube, pertama Anda harus bergabung dengan program mitra YouTube.

Apa itu Program Kemitraan YouTube?
Program kemitraan YouTube membantu Anda u…

Apa Yang Harus Dilakukan Setelah Klik Tidak Valid pada Iklan Google AdSense?

M-Blogger ID - Google AdSense merupakan salah satu jaringan iklan yang membayar tertinggi oleh Google, yang sekarang ini digunakan oleh banyak blog. Semua orang senang mendapatkan website atau blog yang disetujui oleh AdSense, karena membayar dengan tinggi, maka peraturannya juga ketat. Mereka selalu berhati-hati tentang pengiklan mereka, karena AdSense ini benar-benar melawan klik penipuan, jika ada yang mengklik iklan mereka mendapatkan informasi dengan akurat, karena itu mempunyai bot berteknologi tinggi. Dan keuntungan pendapatan dengan klik penipuan akan dinonaktifkan.

Ada beberapa orang yang cemburu jika kita mendapatkan persetujuannya, karena mereka tidak mendapat persetujuan. Dan kadang-kadang hanya karena kecemburuannya, mereka mengklik iklan AdSense orang berkali-kali (sehingga AdSense mungkin berpikir bahwa Anda mengkliknya) dan hasilnya datang penangguhan email. Kadang-kadang mereka hanya memberikan peringatan email, yang iklan AdSense Anda mendapatkan penipuan atau klik ti…