Glossary of General SEO

Glossary of General SEO

M-Blogger ID - If you do not understand the common terms used in SEO, then maybe you will need a very long time to understand SEO tutorials here. So it helps you get to know some of the prior studies in terms of SEO.

SEO Glossary of OnPage Optimization

Optimization of Head

Title Tag is the code that is placed at the head, the code that determines the look of the title in the browser tab and title display in the search results of search engines like Google. Code in the HTML title tag is <*title>Title Page<*/title>
  • Meta Description meta tag is to be displayed in snippets of search results description or quotation. Code in the HTML meta description is . This code is also placed at the head.
  • Meta Robots is a meta tag that can be used to govern the behavior of ROBOT in your blog page. HTML code is .
  • Cascade Style Sheets or CSS is accompanied by a series of defining the name of the name display settings. CSS is located in the head but can be executed in the body of the class or id command. The simpler the CSS, the drab but will certainly be more SEO friendly.

Optimization of Body

Heading Blog, there are four headings that need to be addressed in section Title Page. Header, Article Title above post articles, Discussion Points in the article, and the title of the widget.
  • Heading Title Page is like the one at the very top of this blog. It reads "General Terms In SEO" should be tagged <*h1> ... <*/h1> in the HTML and should only be used once only.
  • Article Title Heading is like the one in the above post. It reads well "General Terms in SEO" because I set the Title Page Heading exactly the Articles. This heading should wear <*h2> ... <*/h2>.
  • Sub Title Heading you can see above that read "Terms of OnPage Optimization SEO" and it should use <*h3> ... <*/h3>.
  • Title Heading Widget is the name that is above every widget. This should put the heading <*h4> ... <*/h4>.
  • Bold/Bold Print is a way confirms the key word in the article. Bold alone has a value of more than Strong.
  • Italic/Cut Print the same explanation with Bold. Italic alone has a value of more than Emphasis in the eyes of Google.
  • Content is the term for stating the article or image as well as other features that are in yourblog.
  • Alt Tag is writing code that we enter into the picture so that I could identify every picture on our page.
  • Iframe is a command to display a window from another web page in our web page, this method should be used with caution to maintain the performance of the page Flash, is a dynamic graphic elements that move, but can not be identified by Google. Therefore Google "does not like" the page flash.
  • Javascript is inserted in the body of the command to execute a command that is quite complex. But it should be noted that Javascript Internal more recommended than Javascript Inline, and even then if possible to speed up loading the blog, it should be placed at the end of the body.

Terms of OffPage Optimization SEO

Backlink is a term to express the link from another website to the page we are. If someone clicks on the link on the site to site A and B, then A is a link on the site backlinks for site B. But if it gives points or not, depending on whether the site is dofollow or nofollow.
  • DoFollow is the nature of the link points to a page that provides targeted by a link.
  • NoFollow is an attribute that does not provide a link points to a page of its target.

Terms of Black Hat SEO

In the world there are some black hat techniques commonly used keywords such as stacking, low quality content, hidden text, cloaking, link schemes, and much more. By Google technique is categorized as SPAM and not SEO Web. But by the web owner throughout the universe is still considered blackhat SEO but with the label.

SEO Glossary of Search Engine

Search Queries (Search Query) are words that you enter into the search field of search engines like Google.
  • Keywords is the term for the main words are emphasized in a page. Search queries are not necessarily classified as vital keywords. How to correct your computer for example, the keywords of the query is How to correct computer, while you are just variants or unimportant words are not taken into account. Unless you restrict that word in quotes, then you assert that you said it should be there in the search results.
  • Algorithm is a term for the arrangement of a system or program that is assigned to conduct a very complicated calculation to calculate the values ​​of a page. Google Algorithm there are so many, there is caffeine in it, EMD, Panda, Penguin Algorithm, etc.
  • Robot is a program that visited your blog by linking to the pages of your blog. Robot function is retrieving data from each page. Every site has a database of the virtual world has a robot respectively.
  • Googlebot is Google's program charged with the Deep aka Crawling deep crawl. Deep adalan crawl crawl that takes very complete data from our blog. Usually this crawl has a rather slow frequency.
  • Freshbot is the Google robot that functions take data from the recent changes to our blog, and the frequency of these freshbot higher than Deep Crawling.
  • Index is the term for the Google database. Just because it says your blog does not mean your blog indexed on the first page, you can be in the SERP page 60.
  • Snippet is a quote from the description of the web pages displayed in search results.
  • Rich Snippet is a quote description comes some additional information to make the results look more professional.
  • Penalty is a sanction given by the Search Engine to a page that violates their policy. Pages may experience a decrease in rank, or even banned from their index. There is also a special Google Pagerank decrease sanctions.
  • Pagerank is the points awarded to a page based on the number of points on that page on other pages of backlinknya. The more backlinks, the more increase pagerank. Pagerank is itself the product of Google, and not the final determinants of ratings. Pagerank just be an addition to any points in the ranking system.
  • Serp stands for Search Engine Result Page. This is the page that you see after entering the Search Queries. At Google, the Serp page consists of 10 results for each page.
  • Sanbox, is a phenomenon that has become an issue among their owners, the definition is the time required by a blog search engine to gain confidence. Another definition is a Blog that lost trust and disappear from the index.
  • HoneyMoon, the webmaster is a term that describes the condition if a new page has suddenly become champions 1. Usually this effect is caused by the Google algorithm to find articles that are still fresh. If a page gets honeymoon could not gather enough reputation in this period, then the ranking will drop within one to two weeks.
  • Google Webmaster Tools are the tools provided by Google, so the webmaster (web owners) could see Google internal data on their blog.
  • Google Analytics are tools that track the activity functioning blog and allow you to perform analysis of the future development of the blog.


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