How to Make Blog Indexed Google and Not Banned

How to Make Blog Indexed Google and Not Banned

M-Blogger ID - Today more and more people realize the importance of building a website. Whether it's for personal use or for business. Unfortunately after creating the website, they wonder why their website is not indexed or after a drop directly indexed or even get banned from Google.

Overall there are three things you should consider to make your website into the Google index, and is not banned after.

Website Design with Good So as Index in Google

  • When you make sure you are designing a website in advance how the system of links between pages. Hierarchical system regularly will help visitors search for articles that are needed, and make sure all of your pages in Google's index entry.
  • The system should be designed with a good link, so not too many links on one page.
  • If your website is so complex and has many articles it helps create a site map page that contains your articles hierarchy. If it turns out the number of articles are too much, it can be broken down into many site map pages.
  • Make sure each page using title tags and meta description tags are different and contain keywords.
  • Make sure each page has only one H1 headings and keywords contained therein. So for blogspot users, try a title in the header displays the title of the article.
  • We recommend using code h3 or h4 heading tags for title of the widget. Learn how to change a heading tag for the title of the widget.
  • Before making the article, think about what keywords you think will be used by people to find your article.
  • Create articles that you really aimed at helping others. Make sure the article meets the standards of quality SEO articles.
  • Should forward the text to serve names, links, or whatever it is than the picture, because search engine robots do not recognize the picture. If you must use images, then you should do SEO optimization for your images.
  • Please check whether there are errors or broken HTML links or links to bad neighborhood. Broken links means the link to a page that no longer exists. Links to bad neighborhood is the link to the page that is being sanctioned from Google. Both types of links can be dropped page rank of your blog in the Google index. Learn how to detect broken links and links to bad neighborhood.
  • If you create a website with dynamic pages that use the "?" in the URL, then make sure the URL short enough dynamic alias is not too long, as some search engine robots will find it hard to long dynamic URL.

Technical Issues Guidelines

  • Do you ever use a browser which displays only text version of your website? One of the texts are quite frequently used browser is Lynx. If any part of your pages can not be loaded by the Lynx, the search engine robots may have trouble exploring your site.
  • Be careful in making the site the session ID (system log), because it can only be accessed by a human and not a robot. Make sure there are no pages indexed that you expect to use session ID.
  • If any part of the page that contains the meta description or duplicate content, then you should use robots.txt to block search engine robots from these pages. Learn ways to control robots Google on your pages.
  • Try to use robots.txt robots.txt analyzer for testing whether you are functioning correctly.
  • If you build a website for commercial purposes, so it's good to make sure that your site does not display correctly on any browser.
  • Make sure the load time of your website not too long. There are afew things you need to consider to ensure your website loads quickly. Learn how to create a blog page/website loaded quickly.

Search for Sure Many Backlink Blog Index Into Google

Blog you can not get into the Google index if the robot does not explore your blog. Ways to make your website crawled by Google robot can actually submit the URL using the facility, but this way is very long.

Much more practical if you are trying to get backlinks to your blog/website you. To support all of your content into the Google index, then you should send a sitemap or site map to Google Webmaster blog.

Maintain The Quality of Google so as Not Banned

Google goal is very simple, which serves the most accurate information seekers. Even if you type in how to hack Google though, I will still try to serve the best information for you.

So whatever keywords you serve, as long as you really keep the quality of your website along with those keywords, then there would be no problem. Google website just hate the robot and manipulate visitors articles for an article that garbage or not wanted.

So you should ensure that you follow the blog and website guide above. Thus, your site will definitely get into the Google index. Furthermore, with increasing the number of backlinks and ranking articles will be improved and will further increase the number of visitors and most importantly you do not get caught breaking, because it would make your blog flared.


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