What is The iFrame? What is iFrames Impact on SEO?

What is The IFrame? What is IFrames Impact on SEO?

M-Blogger ID - What is a iFrame? What is the impact on SEO iFrames? So this time I want to discuss a bit about the iframe. Iframe is "frame" to display another webpage on a page. One example is the widely used iFrames chatbox and videos from youtube. The question is what the impact or result of the use of iFrames? But before that we discussed a bit about how to make an iFrame.

How do I Make The iFrame?

Makes it very easy iFrames, just use the following command:
<*iframe src="http://jom-bloger.blogspot.com" width="350px" height="300"><*/ iframe>


  • Change http://jom-bloger.blogspot.com with the URL you want to publish.
  • Change the width and height values ​​with values ​​that you like.

What is Makes iFrames Impact on SEO?

Things you need to underline is the first time you make when creating iFrames your browser to load additional web pages in one tab. The more you use iFrame, so the more web pages opened simultaneously.

Let's say your blog has some pictures up to a total files to be downloaded is 600kb. So what if you give the iFrame page also has a rather large size? or even worse, the page has a javascript that takes a long time to load?

You should know that your pages load process will not be completed until all the components that you enter the web page in an iFrame tha contained all. Think of it as a web page that you paste it smoothly tebuka today. But what it means problem-free? Not necessarily. What if after two months it was problematic on javascript page?

If the load time of your blog is too long, it could have an effect on indexing your blog. Why? Think of it as a robot google up on your web page and try to load your page, if you iFrame containing heavy websites or even stalled, then your blog can be "timed out" and Googlebot must leave your website before sweeping all the links in it.

So what's the impact on your SEO blog if it turns out the iFrame containing the heavy or even websites that you plug jammed in the sidebar and appear on all pages? Please assume your own.

Is Google Forward Points on Our Site iFrame?

The answer is yes. Google not only indexes web pages that we iFrame, Google even forward the points page of our web pages to web pages that we iFrames. So the nature of the iFrame to Googlebot is index, Follow. This contrasts with Bing and Yahoo! Both of these search engines to address an iFrame as noindex, nofollow.

So before you put it on your web page, consider the following points:
  • Are you sure you want to put an iFrame which aired on all of your web pages?
  • Are you are satisfied server of the web page that you paste that has excellent load speed.
  • If you do not mind giving points page on a web page that you paste in your webpage?

If you are very confident with the three points above, then please attach your iFrame. So first article What is iFrames? What is the impact on SEO Iframe?


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