How to Installing Automatic Description Meta Tag

M-Blogger ID - How to Install Automatic Description Meta Tag in Blogspot is actually very easy. So this article may be brief. Actually it is more recommended meta description to be entered manually. If you are interested in adding the meta tag description manually, please read the how to in the article title, meta description, and heading tags.

But if you feel it is too much trouble, then please follow the instructions in this article. Just before you do this make sure you do not activate the meta description option on the menu Settings > Preferences Troubles. If you've never activate, then before installing an automatic meta description is, it helps you off first.

How to Install Auto Meta Description Go to The Menu Template

  • Click the Edit HTML.
  • Just below code <*/ title> enter this code:

    <*meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName + " dari blog " + data:blog.title + " dengan judul " + data:blog.pageName' name='description'/*>
  • Click Save Template.
  • Done, now the blog template you step SEO Friendly.

But then again I still recommend you to prefer the meta description tag meta description is manually rather than automatically. Ok, it's only once all blogger friends.


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