How to Get Out of Google Duplicate Content Penalty

How to Get Out of Google Duplicate Content Penalty

M-Blogger ID - How to get out of Google duplicate content penalty is not an easy thing. There are many things to do. So before you entangled in this issue, there is a good idea to routinely hunt duplicate content on your blog.

Why is this necessary? What are the risks if you are detected as duplicate content perpetrators? The risk is that you will be exposed to a penalty low quality content, which means the ranking of the articles on your blog will fall. This is a Google Penalty type provided by Google Panda.

Ranking blogs that fall means conversion also deteriorated. If the original blog, you can get 20 visitors per article, it will probably only drop to 10 visitors per article, even one visitor per article is also highly likely.

Why? Because when you change the structure of the blog will be down shortly blogs performance. Performance blog is down for a moment this is the point where the auto blog outrun our index. As a result we do that would be considered duplicate content at the time of publishing the article.

So if you are truly "dear" to your blog do not give wind to copy and paste the actors, especially the auto blogs. Both will result in duplicate content could put a halt to your blog.

Out of Sanctions are Requesting Deletion Duplicate Content Copy Paste Articles

It should be noted; blog if you've never put a warning before, then you should first contact the perpetrator copy and paste, because he might think you do not object to his actions. But if you are already piling up warnings on each page of the blog, then you are no longer obligated to tell him because basically he consciously deliberately looking for trouble with you.

If the article is on the blog at blogspot platform, you can request removal by the action of DMCA takedown Google. But if the article was stolen by another blog platform or website that hosts its own, then you should make a DMCA claim email and send it to a web service hosted blog.

Google Index of Cleaning Your Blog Duplicate Content

Just because bloggers have trouble removing the page, it does not mean you are free from the problem of duplicate content. As long as I still have the page data in Indexnya, as long as it's also your blog is still problematic.

As well as cope with duplicate meta description on your own blog. You can also ask other people's blog URLs to be removed from Google index. With one condition, the URL was already removed its owner or service provider has been forcibly removed. URL that can still be opened by Google will not be processed.

To Come Out of Sanctions are Duplicate Content Diligently Posting Articles

Pending a review of the Google algorithm helps us write new articles regularly to show that we are quite prolific in posting the article. Rising posting frequency can also accelerate the pace of our article index, and can "shorten" time penalty to your blog.

By completing the three stages above, hopefully you can get out the blog of duplicate content penalties. It would be sad if all our efforts to do onpage optimization, especially offpage optimization should evaporate simply because of duplicate content is not clear.


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