How to Overcom Duplicate Meta Description and Content

How to Overcom Duplicate Meta Description and Content

M-Blogger ID - How to cope with duplicate meta description on blogspot is quite simple. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to do this. But first blogger friends may need to know the reasons why meta description is duplicated in many pages could be a problem for our blog.

No such thing as a penalty or penalties for duplicate content. If your blog indexed by some URLs that serve duplicate content, then maybe the blog is in trouble. As a sanction could have your blog index rate will be reduced and the ranking will drop slowly. So inevitably we have to address the problem of duplicate content within this blog.

Examples of duplicate content can happen in the Archives format as below:
Both of the above format is the archive for the month of Juny 2014.

Or it could happen in the following format:
Third URL above will open the same page.

So to prevent it (or at least minimize) we can do 3 things below:

1. Using rel=canonical URL to Overcome Varasi Duplicate Content

If you look at the URL above case that gets the suffix? M=0 and? M=1, it is the URL for the mobile features. URL like this will be indexed automatically if your blog is accessed by someone using a mobile gadget. Surely you do not want this to happen, because if the mobile URL continues to grow in the Google index, then a duplicate content penalty when going on your blog.

2. Installing The Robot Meta Noindex on Page Archives

This installation will prevent Google from indexing the archive page of the blog so that it can reduce the risk of duplicate content on your blog. But if after you install the meta robots, then by immediately filing your page will disappear from the Google index? No, that's why there is still one more thing you need to do.

3. Make an Elimination Duplicate Content URL to Google

If there are duplicate content already indexed, or no duplicate content escaped observation, then you can ask Google to remove those URLs from their index. Condition, prior to your removal request has been first put on a meta robots. Once installed Robots meta is time to send a removal request.

Maybe it was just first troubleshooting and resolve duplicate meta description duplicate content on our blog, hopefully helping all blogger friends.


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