Criteria SEO Friendly Blog Template

Criteria SEO Friendly Blog Template

M-Blogger ID - Criteria SEO friendly blog template that I will discuss this time is the conclusion of blogging activity over the last year. You need to know, Edit template risk reduction in visitor traffic between 10%-40%. Duration traffic reduction around 1-2 week. So to avoid a continuous decline in traffic, then make sure you only edit the template once.

So before you start editing your template to be more SEO Friendly, it helps you design it first on a piece of paper. In designing the template of blog, enter all the elements of SEO Friendly criteria you want to apply.

So, What is The Criteria SEO Friendly Template That?

Part <*head>:

  • The title tag should use the TITLE PAGE format, for example CRITERIA SEO FRIENDLY BLOG TEMPLATE, because this is better than format CRITERIA SEO FRIENDLY BLOG TEMPLATE - LEARN SEO AND BLOG BEGINNERS.
  • Meta description should consist of approximately 150 characters, there are words that should not be more than two times the occurrence.
  • Use rel='canonical' to prevent many versions of Google indexed pages.
  • Use meta robots to block the archive page to prevent duplicate meta description.
  • There should be no script, except the asynchronous nature, so that your blog is loading smoothly.

Part <*body>:

  • Should be placed at the top of the page header and use headings <*h1>.
  • Header page should show the title of the page.
  • After the header put the menu and browse the links one by one. Make sure the links are the most important first.
  • If you want to focus the power of SEO to the pages of the article, so it's good the links first label that you put under the header. If you want to focus the power of SEO to your home page, the home page link above most.
  • You can add breadcrumbs to help visitors understand their place blogs on your blog.
  • The title tag should use <*h2> article.
  • In the article the keyword should appear at least 3 times and up to 2 times in bold.
  • Image alt tags should be given.
  • If you want to push an article, then make sure the link is on every page, a position somewhat above link, and if necessary, reduce the number of links on each page, so that points are more focused to your main page.
  • On the sidebar, once again make sure the links are the most important for you take the top spot.
  • But avoid iframe or flash element.
  • Widget Title should wear h4-h5.
  • Links are not so important please put it in the footer as this is the part that gives the smallest point link. If there is an external link, can be placed in the final sequences.

All that is on top is the criteria for the blog template SEO friendly. Is the most important part of designing the template itself. Make sure you like the design, so no need to change the template in a long time. We recommend that you try to control many keywords and got a pagerank of at least 3 before changing your template so that the shock is not too big.


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