How to Prevent Auto Blog Your Copy Paste Articles

How to Prevent Auto Blog Your Copy Paste Articles

M-Blogger ID - Auto blogs are blogs that automatically publish content from other blogs. Its working principle is to utilize a blog feeds notifications of incoming email to them, to then automatically posted to his blog.

The biggest problem of auto blogs is that they can parallelize feeds from multiple blogs to be published on their blog. In the early days may not be too influential because of their level of indexing is slow. But along with increasing the article, then the index rate will improve their blog whereas dicopas blog will be problematic.

We will see that this blog diligently auto publishing articles. This of course will make them run faster indexing. Traced blogs auto blog would be damned if this is more first indexed.

We would like to write for the blog auto owners and not for their own blogs. If you are willing to be a writer free for other people's blogs, then so be it. But if it is not willing then there are several things you can do.

  • First: Preventive measures to shorten the feeder blog that the article does not automatically on copy paste 100%.
  • Second: If not on copy paste by auto blog, immediately ask them to stop.
  • Third: If there is already on copy paste article, ask them to immediately remove.
  • Fourth: If they still do not want to cooperate. Report them to the search engines like Google by using a DMCA notice for serious consequences.

So this time I want to discuss how to prevent it, is to shorten the look of our feeder:

  1. Log in to your blogger account.
  2. Go to the Settings menu your blog.
  3. Select the sub menu Other.
  4. In the Feedback Site, set the value becomes Special Site Allow Bait.
  5. Set Blog Entry Bait be Brief.
  6. Set Feeds Comments Every Blog and be the Full Post.
  7. After that click save (see the example in the figure).

Setting Menu

Hopefully with a shortened feeder, auto blog offender be interested in our blog feeder. This is also just prevent.


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