9 Type Penalty Google

9 Type Penalty Google

M-Blogger ID - The types of sanctions or penalty Google is something that often confuse a lot of bloggers. Many of the bloggers who do not know why suddenly the visitors of Google's traffic is drastically reduced. They do not realize that the blog is being hit by sanctions from Google as a result of a "campaign" blog is done.

To help the blogger friends recognize the types of violations, which brings penalty from Google, then I make an article this. Hopefully with this article can help friends blogger to recognize the problem of what is coming his blog.

1. Penalty from Google Penguin

Google algorithm Google Penguin is designed for attacking web spam . So if your blog is engaging in the act of cloaking, keyword stacking and participate in a backlink search system, so beware. Could a little sloppy slapped from Google Penguin. The results of this penguin a Google slap punitive sanctions or penalties that could make your blog visitors graph into sprawl.

2. Penalty from Google Panda

When the Google Panda algorithm is slightly different from the Penguin. This algorithm targeting websites with poor quality, such as articles that are not qualified, the result of plagiarism and does not offer anything more than other websites. If your blog contains many articles already, and then hit by panda, it is usually very difficult to return. Because of the many articles that will damage the reputation and aggravate all the improvements that we have to do.

3. Penalty Google for Link Not Natural

This is the most oppressive head novice blogger. Blog can not be sold in Google eyes if you do not have backlinks. If the blog does not sell, which also means a little visit. If visiting a little, means very little chance anyone would give a backlink. And if no one gives a backlink, the blog does not sell well in the eyes of Google. A vicious cycle that only has two solutions.

The first solution is to do a campaign with a big spend, so crowded first blog from other sources (with the hope of it there are some who want to put a backlink). This solution certainly did not sell because the average Indonesian bloggers, do not have a special budget for the blog. Moreover, it is rare Indonesian people who want to give a link, even if they like an article.

Finally, all that remains is a second solution, which isto build your own backlinks, and even then turned out to be still under the shadow of punishment penalty from Google. Yes that's the fate of a novice blogger. Not much choice really, can get forward. Retreat can also be subject to. The only solution to this problem is to keep something artificial that feels natural. Few tricks performed by bloggers are to maintain a stable rate of increase backlinks and generate keywords from the link very vary.

4. Penalty Google for Backlink Installation Services

Usually lazy bloggers who are looking for or put a backlink will use a pair backlink service for him. Characteristic of these services are some backlinks to different websites terposting was found repeatedly in the exact same arrangement. This scheme could boom in 2010, in which spammers from attacking Chinese state sites are quite open.

This system also offers the usual pairing your link on profile pages with low quality, and their severity using robots to do this. So in just one night only you can get up to tens of thousands of backlinks, but after that gain backlinks freefall.

So far safer if you just ask for the URL links course or find their own URL link above and perform their own comments. Because if each one doing his own commentary, the pattern was not uniform comments and action will be formed to find backlinks tend to still be done without disturbing the Google algorithm. By doing it yourself, you can also add keyword variations at will, and maintain a relatively stable rate of increase backlinks.

5. Penalty Google for Link Buying

Buying links is like paying a website to put our website link on the article or just all in all pages of the website. Actually, this model is pretty much in our country. But if you think about what black hat is not crowded in our country? Fortunately the internet is a big place, so it is almost impossible to supervise manually. On the other hand the robot was not able to sort out which is the link where the results of the sale and the natural links. With so many violators of these rules are still under the radar.

Advertisements also include this offense, and both installer and installed can be affected by the problem. So if one day I received a friends request to advertise, then surely still be a nofollow link.

6. Penalty Google for Always The Same Anchor Text

This is the reason why I always recommend using a variety of keywords in spreading backlinks, keywords uniformity because it would result in no good. At first it will encourage uniformity soar blog, but to some extent and it does not feel natural anymore, the opposite effect will occur.

7. Penalty Due to Many Links In Footer

So it's good to make a log or record of what you are doing from day to enable you to track the performance problems that lead to your blog free fall. You can use Ms.Excel to create a log of your activities.

8. Penalty Google Due to Spam Comment

But not to be confused with spam comments on the blog comments. Comment spam characteristics, just copy and paste for all the blogs, and it contains a link. It is therefore highly recommended when making a comment to a blog article should menngikuti and use anchor text that consists of 5 words or more. It will make your comments are not defined as web spam.

9. Punishment for Google Pagerank

Google give penalty to all websites found to provide a link in the form of advertisements on other websites that continue pagerank. That's the reason above I said that if I want to open a stall advertising, then just make sure it stays nofollow. One case happened famous website of British newspaper, in which PR blog slam from 7 to 3. Due to the ad pages found pagerank forward to another blog.


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