OnPage Optimization Blog On Comments

OnPage Optimization Blog On Comments

M-Blogger ID - Onpage optimization blog to comment? Perhaps many blogger friends who are confused whether comments on blogs can be optimized? And how much influence the optimization in the comments? For simplicity's sake, please read the following brief description.

So How Do optimization Comments On Blogs?

  • It is certain to be a nofollow link on the blog. Do not let the comments be the point of leak points that continuously increase in size as you get comments.
  • Note added comments in your blog, if a comment has been too much and all the comments that are not related to the topic, then it could be all of the comments it makes the page rank continues to decline. So as to prevent all-time your comentar itself with a commentary full of keywords that article. A simple example: "Thank you for stopping by bloggers already in onpage optimization blog article on this comment, hopefully useful".
  • Make sure you insert the keywords in the occasional comment in bold print. The way is easy. Just enclose the keywords in the code ...... Examples: how to create a new email in Google.
  • Keyword insertion in this comment should be done once in every 100 words comments from guests. So even though there are only 1 comment, but comments that the length and width of up to 100 words, it is enough to bring our keyword 1 time.

Optimization as above will make Google think that our blog is a blog that is authoritative on the topic, because it can invite people to respond and provide comments are in line with the topic.


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