Simple Explanation, How to Blog Appear on Google

Simple Explanation, How to Blog Appear In Google

M-Blogger ID - How to appear in Google's blog that actually requires a fairly complex process. Although I have repeatedly seek explanations simple and easy to understand, still much remains constrained in its execution. Hopefully this explanation can be understood by many people.

In simple that you need in order to appear blog in Google just 3 things, namely:
  • SEO friendly template blog.
  • Diligently writing quality articles SEO.
  • Diligent search for backlinks to your blog.

It was all just what you need for your blog appear in Google. But that does not mean you can do this with ease. Each stage takes a complex process. For example for blog templates, when I mentioned the problem of meta tags, headings, alt tags, title tags, and so forth.

How to Get SEO Friendly Template That Appears Blog in Google

My advice if you do not know how to edit the template, use the template SEO Friendly finished. You can use a collection of blog templates SEO friendly this blog, or templates that are SEO friendly anywhere in google. If you do not like the design, then you can download a template that you feel cool from any source. Then find the edit service templates into SEO Friendly.
This step is actually not mandatory, it's just that it can allow you to create a blog appear in Google. If you do not do this, then you have to try harder in the third step.

Diligent Quality SEO Article Writing Blog to Appear on Google

If you can write one article a day, then in a year you will have 300 blog's article. It should be enough to give you traffic up to 6000 visitors per day a year later. All you have to note is: Give the bold print on the keywords that you think are important in your article. Do not forget to enter a brief description in the Description of search options while typing the article.

Routine Search Backlink For Your Blog

The more backlinks you get, the greater the strength of your blog. Backlink is an incredible processes are difficult to obtain for a beginner. If you have the capital, you can use SEO services to find backlinks. But if you do not have the capital, then forced you to do it yourself.

You need also to consider, do not let your article copy paste other people. If you let copy paste case then the potential that had 6000 visitors could stay late 300. It seriously, I just realized this when viewing the article directories increasingly rarely appears in search results.


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