How to Redirect 301 URL Divert

How to Redirect 301 URL Divert

M-Blogger ID - How to Perform a 301 Redirect or divert the URL? In the menu blogspot is already available. But before doing a redirect, so it's good to first understand why a URL needs to be divert.

You need to do a 301 redirect when a page on the blog you want to be replaced by another page. But the page you want to change it to have a lot of visitors. To prevent the visitors we encounter unwanted pages or pages that have been deleted, then we should do a redirect.

To do this 301 redirect simply do the following simple steps:
  • Log in to your blogger account.
  • Go to the Setting menu.
  • Select Preferences Troubles.
  • Choose section Error and Divert.
  • Click on the Edit Special Assignment.
  • It would appear the two columns, the column from diverted enter the URL of the article, while in the to field enter the destination URL redirection.
  • Consider, for example, the URL is then need to be included. Please enter /2014/06/how-to-redirect-301-url-divert.html
  • Tick ​​the option Permanent.
  • After that click save. Thus the URL you've turned to the new URL. (See example below)

Display Window 301 Redirect Search Preferences

Now please try to open the old URL. If you are correct and the transfer is successful, it will open a new URL. It should be noted that only the URL from the same blog that will be received by the 301 redirect, while the transfer of different blogs will not do.

For example, you want to cancel this transfer, then look at the column checkbox next to the URL above. You live tick the checkbox and click Delete, then pengalihat will be canceled. Will re-open the old URL and not redirected to the new URL.


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