5 Reasons SEO Can Fail

5 Reasons SEO Can Fail

M-Blogger ID - Some say that they managed to achieve improvements in SEO blog, and of course that failed also. So if there is a failure, and nothing works it does not matter fate alone. It was a matter of business and who do it better.

So I tried to make this article to show my friends some of the things that make blogger friends fail in doing SEO optimization on the blog.

1. One Farm, One Hope

Many blogger friends who chose a theme that is very limited its search. The theme this kind usually have weak competition, so it technically would be easier to master. But, even if you have power on those keywords. Blogs you still can not reach the level of crowd you expect.

How to make a blog can be crowded? The options just two:

  • You are looking for a topic that many people are searching for and trying to master it (would be difficult).
  • You are looking for a topic that little quest, but you reproduce variations topic.

2. Do not Want to Learn Staged

This blog was deliberately made ​​to provide a tutorial to learn SEO in stages , so you have a solid foundation to enter the next stage. What is the result if it does not build gradually SEO? For example, many bloggers said I've searched a lot of backlinks, but still my blog entry is not the first page, but have fallen.

After I check the blog turns his blog onpage optimization factor is still "virgin" or not touchable. Why let the optimization Offpage you become many times more difficult simply because not doing onpage optimization correctly? Onpage If done correctly at least Google will easily find out the main emphasis on your web page.

As bloggers we should always be fully aware that we are not alone in cyberspace. Competitors were thousands and thousands of them. So do not accidentally let no weakness on your blog, just not work perfectly especially defects here and there.

3. Easy Panic

Many bloggers are doing search engine optimization it works glared page Search Engine Result Page (SERP) aka search results pages. It acts also monitor blog statistics. Once the position of a little slump blog of the SERP she panicked.

If your blog with Google tested Google dance (ranking up and down) just calm skipper blog as well. If I do the dance and dance follow your optimization, you will sink even further away. It's like a quicksand. To get out you have to move slowly and do not flounder. Panicking will not improve your situation.

So it would rank up or down, just keep calm. If your ranking is down and your backlink is not natural, so it's good backlinks increase also reduced slightly. For example, if your backlinks usually grow 100 per day, try making only 90 or 80 per day. Let the graph is more reasonable.

4. Target is Too Relaxed

As a beginner you should not only look for backlinks. But you should try to find a smart method to find backlinks. Not that much better if the one shot you can get thousands of backlinks? But remember, only experience will give you the skills. There is no master secret that will give it to you, so realistic.

5. Monitor Not Competitors

Suppose you want to master an obsessed keywords. You have to see how your competitors to master the field. Only by following the guidelines on this blog will not make you a winner if you do it in doses less.

So that 5 factors that I think is often made bloggers fail in building SEO blog. I hope this article does not make one offended, because I deliberately chose some rather harsh words for novice bloggers realize all that being a blogger is tough.


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