Example DMCA Notice to Overcome Copy Paste Blog

Example DMCA Notice to Overcome Copy Paste Blog

M-Blogger ID - It is no secret that many bloggers slacker who wants to take money from the virtual world of instant manner. So that in the process they justified the means, even if it means harming others. So if they do not want to think about other people's feelings, why do we have to think about their feelings.

In short I will give an example of a copy of a DMCA notice can be sent to multiple parties.

How to Overcome The Msst Common Problem Copy Paste is Send DMCA Notice to Person

Many people are confused what exactly the DMCA Notice? The DMCA Notice some sort of warning or statement of objections to piracy content you send to the content thief. If he is willing to cooperate, then the DMCA notice will be finished up there.

The problem is most of these content thieves anonymous nature and trying to not be tracked, so that complaints be difficult for mercy. Or if they are contacted, they are trying to look more fierce than us. So if it turns out the thief does not want to cooperate this content, you must send the DMCA Notice to other parties.

Who those other parties who receive complaints DMCA Notice other than the offender?
There are 3 parties you can try:

  1. Search Engine
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Advertising Company

Reporting Copy and Paste Into Blog Search Engine Such as Google

Usually people do copy and paste without permission of the owner of the blog because they want to build a blog with content overflow. Hopes to reach overflow traffic from search engines. The motivation is so abundant number of visitors from search engines. If you fail warning or can not get, then strike his motivation.

Make all efforts futile content thieves by reporting to the blog search engines like Google. If withdrawn or blog posting on Google sandbox, or even all of email account is closed, then copy and paste all the action was going in vain.

Copy and Paste The Blog Report DMCA Notice to Web Hosting

Ok, now another case. It turned out that this blog does not rely on traffic from search engines. Modus is a copy of your article to be thrown into social networks, forums, and so forth. If The motivation is the promotion of a blog to get traffic and visitors to the blog can open the stall advertising, then it is definitely complain to search engines will not do any good.

It is time to send a DMCA Notice to the web hosting company on your blog or website. If it turns out that using blogspot blogger, then you can take the above way for filing a complaint. Because it is a product of Google blogspot.

But if it's in the host own blog, then you have to search for data using a hosting service whois.com DMCA notice letter and send it to the web hosting via email or form abuse/DMCA respective web hosting.

Blog Report to Copy and Paste The Advertising Service Using Their Use Notice DMCA

Sometimes blogs to copy and paste without permission from us to do that to increase their coffers source of the article which they stole. So what if we created an advertising service that they expect to be a source of income is ejecting them. I can say 40% of my article is motivated by the thief. So I will be contacting all of their advertising company to remove these blogs account of their service.

Some advertising companies who received a DMCA complaint is below:

  • Google AdSense
  • Yahoo Publisher
  • Ad Center Microfost
  • Adfly
  • Text Link Ads

So if their motivations are plowing your article advertising company. Might as well ask the ad company deleted their accounts.

How to File a DMCA Complaint Addition to Google

First of all make a DMCA complaint letter. Once you make DMCA notice. Please visit the website complaint page ad or contact the web hosting services of the blog in question. Send a DMCA notice that you have created and wait for a response from the company.

The advantage of contacting a web hosting and advertising companies is they respond quicker than Google. Perhaps because the delivery rate DMCA notice to companies like this is still low.

So it seems to be enough advertising companies cooperate. As for web hosting, if your web hosting contact via email, and they do not respond, please just his CS bombardment.


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