Not All Dofollow Blog Comments That Backlinks

Not All Dofollow Blog Comments That Backlinks - Not all dofollow blog comments that could be backlinks. It is necessary to know the blogger friends so as not to waste time commenting on certain blogs. Usually blogs that use third-party comment means not giving us a backlink, although when checked with nodofollow seen that it dofollow backlinks.

Comment Services Third Party Not So Backlink

Why can not be a backlink? Because in general the data is not integrated with blogger comments but in system account service providers such comments. Comments will only be visible when the page loads it into the script. Unfortunately Googlebot can not read the comments. Example:

Intense Debate Does Not Provide Backlinks at All

Intense Debate is pretty much being targeted by spammers. Because at first glance it does look like the intense debate provide a backlink. Though not. Let's look at the display of a user's site following intense debate. But first and NoDoFollow SeoQuake enabled, then this is what we see.


  • Please note the URL in the address bar shows
  • Note also the pagerank value is page 5.
  • And last seen on Holiday Rental commentators, who by NoDoFollow be highlighted light blue, which means DoFollow.

For my friends who are not careful will surely be happy, because it is seen as a very promising backlink. But before wasting time, let's see how much further I saw intense debate.

View Comments on Blogs In Google Cache

  • Now type in cache: in the Google search.
  • Google will open this website cached version of her, and in this cache is clear that the comment was still there.
  • But did you know that it works like text Googlebot browser? Therefore, on the right that the top bar, click TEXT ONLY VERSION or TEXT ONLY VERSION.


  • It turned out that after the text only version is activated, and we enable CTRL + F to search for Holiday Rental. It turns out that there is no link in the text only version of this.


Another Way to See If a Link Becomes Backlink

If my friends feel that the above is too complicated, then there is a more practical way. On the page that you just peek suspected source code by pressing CTRL + U. Once the code is open source use CTRL + F to search for the anchor text of a link in the comments. In this case I would look for Holiday Rental, and still not found.


In addition, these comments are stored on third party servers. So later when the owner of the blog back to the default model of comments from each blog, so these comments will also be lost. I share this knowledge for the beginner blogger friends in order to avoid hunting backlink vain.


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