How to Get Out of Google Panda Penalties

How to Get Out of Google Panda Penalties - How to get out of the Google Panda sanctions actually somewhat troublesome, because it is related to the quality of the content. So for friends who are penalized from Google Panda, it means your content is considered not as good or not as natural as the other competitors. The trouble that all articles should be corrected.

Perhaps there are friends who ask "is meant the content or quality article that is how are ya? " It is a common enough question to ask, because without knowing the quality standards of the article, then of course you do not know what to do.

Creating Quality Articles For Overcoming Google Panda

Avoid Duplicate Content

Please distinguish between duplicate content with the theft of your article. Duplicate content is more to inter inside your blog page. If in your blog or website there are a number of pages with the same content and the other one, then it can affect the ranking of your website.

If you rank down, then automatically the number of visitors will also be reduced. So it is very important to keep the website or blog you do not have duplicate content pages. If friends have full control over the theme and the website database, then this is an easy thing to do.

Create an article Qualified

In making this article try to open multiple web pages of competitors and observe the articles they write. After that, think about whether you can make the article better than your competitors. This is better in terms of:

  • More complete and not just a long and circuitous.
  • More structured and has a good article headings such as wikipedia.
  • Equipped other media such as videos, or pictures that may help the reader.
  • Equipped with links to high authority websites like wikipedia or other high traffic websites.

Offpage Optimization Articles For You To Quit Google Panda Penalties

The new article would you make edits of the article can be as long, or it could be completely new articles and got the transfer from the old article (301 redirect). But whatever it is try to find backlinks to this new article, and PING backlinks so you get a faster effect seen.


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