How to Install Ads Link at Safe Blog

How to Install Ads Link at Safe Blog - How to advertise a secure link on the blog was like what? These are some questions that are frequently asked by those who want to open a stall advertising on their blogs, or can we call a sponsored blog.

Already stated emphatically by Google that they would impose a penalty to sell pagerank blog on blog pages. It's just a lot of people who do not understand what is meant by selling pagerank that.

Do not Sell Pagerank When the Advertisement in Blog

So if you put an ad on your blog and you get paid for the ad, then make sure there are no points pagerank that flows along these ads. If it turns out there are points that flow PageRank and Google found that your blog is to sell ads, then Google's sanction or penalty will be imposed a very heavy, may be banned.

How do I get paid ad you do not continue pagerank? You probably already know the answer, make the link nofollow.

Where Google Ads That Can Distinguish Paid and Not Outbound links Ordinary?

It is the most frequently asked questions, as many websites put external link in sidebar. So from where I know the link was paid or not? Actually I do not know so just, so there is the term "caught".

But there are some indicators that can cause us to "get caught" Google's radar, that the link leads to an external page that topic really has nothing to do with our blog. But this is just a signal that can be said to be weak.

But if it flows through our link to spammy sites belonging to the site, then you turn on the alarm for Google to check your blog. So once again, the safe move is to prevent Google catches you "support" page rank and keywords to these blogs. So once again make your ad nofollow.

How to Install Ad Why NoFollow Highly Recommended?

First, the reason I mentioned above, that if the link is dofollow and paid, then the owner of the blog and the website will be advertised both subject to a penalty. But that's not all.

Websites that advertise is a website that is trying to build a commercial value, and sometimes websites like this went too far and violated the rules of Google, so that Google gave them sanction in the form of a downgrade, banned, or removal.

Which just happens to be bad for your blog. If you put a link to the blog that is being suspended, then you also will be affected. Or if you give dofollow link ads on blogs deleted by Google, then it will automatically be detrimental points broken link your blog page.

So if you were to put a paid ad, then do two things:

  • Make sure that your links nofollow.
  • Make sure you check the website regularly advertise brothers, if a broken link, do not let more than a week. (Although nofollow google keep track of, just do not give points pagerank and keyword).


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