How to Make Your Own Blog in Blogspot

How to Make Your Own Blog in Blogspot - How to create your own blog on blogspot is easy. For my friends who first wanted to try the blogging world blogspot is pretty easy choice to start. I will give a brief guide on how to create a blog platform that is already very well known.

Stages Of Creating A Blog On Blogspot

  • Now you please open
  • If you've done login using your Google account (username and password).
  • If you've been on blogger home page, you will see the NEW BLOG button. Click the button to create your own blog.


  • Once you hit that button will display a pop-up form to create your new blog. Enter the Blog Title, Sub Domain Name you want, and select the default template you want to use in the making of your new blog. When you are finished click the button CREATE BLOG.


  • Now your blog has been created. All you have to do now is fill in and organize a new blog is finished you created and note 2 to the red box below (in addition to your new blog title).


The keys are colored orange with a pencil drawing that is the key to open the article editor if you want to type a new article. Language jock posting articles. While the small arrow in the other red box is the key to open all the menus of your new blog.

I will not discuss the post button because it is very easy. So here I just want to discuss the initial setting you need to do on this new blog.

Adjusting Your New Blog

After creating your own new blog, then it's time to do a little adjustment so that your blog does not look too plain or simple.

Finding Alternatives Blog Templates

If you feel a blog template that you just made it look dull, then you can look for a replacement template. There are many sites that provide an alternative to your blog template. One is

This site provides a lot of choice blog template. You can refine this template based Total Column, Style, Color, and Position Sidebar. If you find a template that you like then you can click on the DEMO to see an example of a template that is already installed. Or just click download to download the template to your computer.


To download you can simply click the download link. You will be delivered first to the detail page templates, and the pages that you click the download link again. The template you download will be a ZIP file. So to use it you have to unzip it first.

Installing New Templates Made In The Blog

Now back to your blogger account and click on the little arrow next to the button orange colored pencil. You will see several options menu but you have to click on a link TEMPLATE.


You will open the TEMPLATE page and please look for the button Backup / RESTORE. Click the button and click on the BROWSE button. You have to find the XML file type of the folder that you have unzipped earlier. Select the file and click UPLOAD.

If your upload is successful, then the blog template you are going to change. Hopefully you like the new look of your blog. If not repeat the process by downloading from the website of BTemplates or other template providers.

Perform Basic SEO On Blog That Made

When you create a blog and want your blog to appear on the Google search page, then you need to do SEO. The most standard SEO process is to make sure the title tags and meta description of your already installed correctly. But of course this is just the first step of SEO after you create your blog. For a more complete SEO process please go to searching google read the manual.


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