Blogger or Wordpress is Better For SEO?

Blogger or Wordpress is Better For SEO? - I will start from Blogger or Wordpress better for SEO?

Blogger or Wordpress Dominant for SEO?

Friends need to know that the name is a search engine that does not know "sex" blog. Everything is treated the same as a web page. So all you have to do when choosing any platform are you able to edit the theme or template of your blog so that it meets the quality standards of search engines.

What Advantages and Disadvantages Blogspot?

Excess Blogspot actually exist in the free factor but all the features are available, and it was the first. Blogspot is also easier to understand for beginners because it looks more user friendly. Therefore, a lot of beginners who start with blogspot.

Editing be SEO friendly blogspot template can also be relatively easy, since the manual is pretty much in the virtual world. It's just that in terms of development is quite limited. Not as flexible as of WordPress.

What Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress?

Of course the reverse of the above. If you want to take advantage of all the features WordPress then you have to do hosting. Pretty much looking for free hosting, but I myself have never tried the free hosting is safe enough or often problematic.

The advantages of WordPress is a very flexible theme function. The chances are almost infinite to make any function that you want to show for your master PHP to edit it. But this flexibility would be a boomerang for beginners, because of this flexibility makes available theme became very diverse. So that the novice who wants to edit the theme can be quite difficult.

So it is practical and free blogspot, wordpress while it's flexible and gives you more control. But for SEO... same.


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