What is The Difference Freshbot and Deepbot Googlebot In Crawl?

What is The Difference Freshbot and Deepbot Googlebot In Crawl?

m-Blogger.web.id - Many people are editing the article length and sloppily edited confused because a long time has not indexed well in the SERP. And if they were typing a new article or fresh content will be indexed on the spot. What led to it all?

If to this problem, we need to know that there are two types Googlebot, namely Freshbot, and Deepbot. So how do these two types Googlebot incorporate your blog into Google's index?

What it Freshbot?

Freshbot it works to monitor whether there is new content that we have. Each website has a different crawl rate, depending on the quality backlink or it could be the value and frequency of updates pagerank The difference is that the crawl rate existing blog article makes a new (fresh content) directly indexed blink of an eye and there should wait a few days.

So if you want fresh content indexed blink, yes-quality backlinks find backlinks (derived from sites that crawl too high), and keep the frequency of the new article updates.

So What is a Deepbot?

Well, another case of the old articles are edited. That's not a quota freshbot again but the monthly quota deepbot doing the crawl total for all the links, files, downloads, etc. in our site. This Deepbot according watchlist; an average of 20 active until the end of the month for each month.

When it comes deepbot, then our blog will be crawled over the next 2-7 days. In this period of change over the old articles into the index so it can be displayed on the SERP. So re-submit the sitemap will not help re-indexing old article.

If we change the right end of the previous article deepbot visit, then we have to wait 20-27 days for the changes ahead. But if we edit it fit deepbot come, ya can quickly repeated index.

There are also cases where when we create a new blog sometimes crawled freshbot before deepbot. If Freshbot comes first, then the article will be included in the index for a couple of days before deleted. Usually when this happens will be considered as a honeymoon.

For web users who hosted, then you can peer into the log to see the arrival Googlebot. If the robot using IP 64.*** Then it freshbot, but if its IP 216.*** Then it deepbot. But anyone who comes agentnya same user display is Googlebot/2.1

If it is long enough you embed backlinks and no crawl alias index entry, then the question is whether your blog page can be crawled by Googlebot itself. If it can not, then fix the root of the problem first.


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