How to SEO Optimization Onpage on Blog

How to SEO Optimization Onpage on Blog - How to do SEO Onpage optimization on the blog is actually very easy if you already have knowledge. Unlike the Offpage optimization, even if you already have the knowledge, the execution will still be difficult.

What is Onpage SEO Optimization?

Optimization SEO or Search Engine Optimization onpage is a term in SEO, which refers to everything that you do on the components of a web page. The main goal of this optimization is to improve onpage SEO factors that the search engines get the emphasis right keywords of a page.

Why this optimization to be done? So that the search engines are not confused when they arrive on your blog pages. To simplify we suppose you understand it like this: there are so many people in a field, you will not be able to distinguish that which is important and which the ordinary people if they wear a uniform, right? Now, therefore, developed a system of attributes. Who's wearing the top job attributes, then he is the most important.

This attribute system used by Google to determine, what are the emphasis of a web page. Maybe now friends ask what are the attributes that onpage seo?

Attributes In SEO Onpage Optimization

Consider the following this is onpage optimization attributes are generally used:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • Title Page h1
  • Article Title h2
  • Sub Title In h3 Article
  • Bold/italic b or i
  • If there are images, there should be alt attribute

Now understand this. If a word is not wearing none of the above attributes, then said it did not matter. If a word is wearing 1-3 above attributes, then said it must be important. If a word appears in all the above attributes, then surely that's the most important word in the page on the parade ground. It was like this guy is a great general with so many rank inherent in her dress.

So I will try to discuss this issue for the second part onpage above. Before we begin, please go to the web page would you value onpagenya. If it is open, press CTRL + N to open the source code of the web page.

SEO Onpage head Highest Points In Title Tag

It is only in part head, and the code is:
<*title*>contents of the title tag <*/title*>

The important thing is what can you fill in the title tag. Please be careful in filling the title tag, because many SEO practitioners assume that the title tag is the most important onpage attributes. Supposing royal attribute, then this is the crown.

The best way to fill the title tag is to use key words and no longer than 70 characters. You need to know that getting in front of it, then the point will be very high. So should the format of the contents of the title tag are:


But avoid structure BLOG NAME: ARTICLES TITLE unless your blog got a reputation exorbitant, it can not just up.

Meta Description

It is the only one that became the focus of my meta (meta robots just in case any duplicate content). The meta description should consider several things, namely:

  • Maximum length of 150 characters.
  • Not repeat a word more than twice.
  • Of course contain targeted keywords in the earlier parts.


Good URL should contain the domain/category/sub_kategori/ judul_artikel. As an example is shown below:

So each section clearly contains obvious keywords. Unfortunately there are still many people who wasted URL and create URLs that are not clear as below:

URL as above do not contain keywords, and really squandered an important attribute in onpage SEO factors.

High Points Onpage Optimization body In The Title Pge h1

The title page of course pursued contain the keywords you are targeting, because no matter how h1 should contain the most important words on the page. It also is the basis for the development of Dynamic Heading technique, in which the creator of the blog page article seeks to show the article title ast he page title. Points of enormous h1 onpage techniques in the web page.

Article Title h2

Title of the article we give the h2 tag. Someone asked whether onpage value is not excessive if the same article with a title page title? Of course not, because the page title h1, h2, and the title of the article. So although the content is the same, but for each heading appearance only once, after all this time the application is absolutely no problem.

Sub In Article Title h3

It can be regarded as a complement, but in many cases this is very good addition to strengthening onpage. So there is no harm in making a sub-sub-headings in the discussion to affirm the relevance of your discussion.

Bold Print/Italic

Bold or italic is also very important in onpage optimization. But it does not need all of them, just the appearance of the first course in bold or italic. If too much can also interfere withthe readers of these pages.

Alt Tag

Since Google et al can not recognize the image, then the best way to tell Google what the content of the image is using the alt tag. These include techniques onpage one, because the main purpose of a web page is to provide the most relevant information to the reader, and sometimes it can be an image information.

Complementary SEO Onpage Optimization

If all the above optimization onpage SEO you have done, then there are a few more that need additional siblings into account:

  • Make sure your content is unique.
  • Also make sure there is a link to the category.
  • Surely there must be a link to the homepage of the blog.
  • There is a related article (related post) based on categorys that can be read by search engines.


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