How to Cope with Unnatural

How to Cope with Unnatural - How to cope with unnatural backlink is actually quite simple. But still needs caution in doing so. Because if one did, it could be a backlink that gave positive points which would you get rid of.

Did you get a warning for unnatural links from Google? In English form roughly as below.


If you get a notice like this, it means that your blog is having problems with backlinknya. If you do not resolve this soon, then your blog can be a problem to get a downgrade. That means a decline in visitors in large numbers.

So you should be able to solve this problem before severe enough impact to your blog. To do so follow the guidelines below.

Check Your Not Natural Backlink Data In Google Webmaster Tools

This is a very standard procedure where you have to know the number of backlinks from your blog. If you are a wordpress user, then this is where the point of the importance of registering your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. As for your blogspot users are automatically registered, so just go to Webmaster Tools using your Google account.

Once open Google Webmaster Tools do the procedure below.

  • View menu and click SEARCH TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE LINK.
  • Having links to your site the page is open, see if there is a view where there is a site that dominates your backlinks?

Do you have a backlink that is so dominant on one particular domain? If you have a backlink like this, then this is the first indication that there are many things you should fix of your backlinks.

Furthermore, look to the side where there is "the most content are linked". Click MORE in the bottom of the section. And you will open a new page that shows which pages of your blog that got the most backlinks.

There are two things you should be aware of the data that you will see:

The first thing that should be noticed is how many backlinks to your homepage. If too many backlinks to the homepage and so little is headed your articles, then increase your backlinks again morbidity indicators.

The second thing is the domain number of backlinks a page. where there is a page that is getting tens of thousands of backlinks only from some domains only. It is often a source of sanction Google, because it is derived from ADS, blogroll, link exchange, link on the footer, and so on.

If up to this point there are 2 of the 3 factors above or even all of the above factors are owned by your blog, then you just deserve receive email alerts unnatural backlinks from Google. Your backlink does look suspicious and may not quality backlinks.

So how do I solve this problem? Really only one way to overcome that is to deny the link looks unnatural. But to do this you have to be extra careful, because after backlinks is a very powerful indicator in SEO.

Unnatural Deny Backlink Backlink To Overcome

Once you see that your backlink comes mostly from a site, then the site should be your target in the clean-up project this backlink. But first you need to determine whether your backlinks are still attached to the site or has actually been deleted.

So open the site first, and if the backlink is still there, then you have to "wager" does remove the links or leave it alone. What is clear is that a very large percentage of the links of the total link it is really something that will make Google put a radar on top of your blog.

To reduce your bet in removing these backlinks, then do the following 2 things:

Judge whether it is relevant unnaturalJudge whether it is relevant unnatural backlink on the webbacklink on the web. Now let's see if your backlinks on these pages meet the following criteria:

  • Relevant to your page.
  • Using keywords that are highly targeted.
  • Appears in the footer of each page or column of the result set link link exchange.

Having friends know 3 points above, then of course my friends should know how to respond to any conditions that you find:

  • Where relevant, there may not be necessary at all deletions, likely backlinks from other websites or backlinks to the page article that makes you get a warning letter. Time to investigate page article that got a lot of backlinks from the domain of variation slightly earlier.
  • If using highly targeted keywords, then it may not need to rush to remove the backlink. Perhaps you could change the anchor of the link. For example, by asking for help from the blog owner.
  • If it comes from the column backlink exchange links or footer, may be included in the list of backlinks that should be denied. (Especially to exchange links course you also have to get ready to remove their link on your blog).

Once you completed the assessment of backlinks, then you have to deny your backlinks are put in a linked list "dubious" earlier. Of course this is a step that most people seem dubious to be taken. But still, you do not have much choice if traffic keeps falling.

How To Deny The Unnatural Backlink

When you're done collecting a list of links that are believed to make you get in trouble and punishment downgrade from Google. Try to get out of the penalty by using the Link Disavow tool from Google . Quite easy:

  • Create a txt file using notepad.
  • The contents of the file with URLs backlink not want you deny natural. Note the rule that one line for one URL. If you want to deny all the backlinks of a specific domain, use the domain operator: Examples txt file content:


  • Save the txt file that contains a list of links was the name of anything.
  • Log in to the Google account associated with your blog.
  • Go to Google Link Disavow Tools.
  • Choose the blog you want sangkali the link from the dropdown.
  • In the new view click DENY LINKS.
  • Click Choose File and select the txt file that you had created in notepad.
  • If so, please click on SEND.

After the file you sent, you still have to wait for the results of your report it to Google. In order for your blog to remain stable and maintain the rate of increase backlinks article as usual. But do not over, must be denied.


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