What is External Link and Its Effect on SEO?

What is External Link and Its Effect on SEO?

m-Blogger.web.id - External links clearly have a strong influence on the SEO of a blog, just needs to be discussed whether negative or positive influence.

What is a External Link?

External link is a link that you put on your webpage or blog domain go to other than your blog. This contrasts with the only internal links to other pages within the same domain or blog.

What Effect External Link In SEO?

External links reduce pagerank?

It is the rules of Google, that external links will give you the link juice or points adder Google PageRank, the intended page, if the external link is dofollow. It's just one that is often conceptualized by Indonesian bloggers, this is an external link will directly reduce the points where Google PageRank of pages attached and if that is true, then the effect will be very clear on the negative SEO is.

But not like it, just because you are there external pages that link at all does not mean your page rank will be reduced. In order to facilitate this understanding the friends I would make an example with a rough calculation, and ignoring the damping factor.

Let's just say my friends have a PR6 homepage, and friends gave INTERNAL links to two pages of the article, namely A and B, then what is the points earned each page article? It's obvious point is 3 pages. So if A and B, each get 3 points, if the current page Google pagerank homepage will be reduced?


No, pageranknya still 6. Now the question is what will happen when it is fitted on the homepage 4 EXTERNAL LINK? Is the pagerank of the homepage will be reduced? Still pagerank homepage will not be reduced, the problem now is that PageRank is given to the article page which will be reduced, so every page article will only receive 1 point only.


If conditions are as above, then obviously only the homepage will not change at all points pagerank.

Conditions which will make pagerank Homepage also reduced

In the diagram above the pagerank of the homepage will remain just another case. But if it turns out some of PageRank available on the homepage comes from the article page, too. That would make the loop that will continue to reduce the pagerank homepage due to external link.

Do not understand? Just imagine if the external link to the article to make points is reduced. Points article is one of the contributors to the homepage PageRank becomes smaller, then surely pagerank homepage also shrinking. The homepage pagerank is smaller still be subdivided into external link, and that means points into smaller articles page again.

For each round of counting, Google PageRank was assessed only from the incoming links rather than outgoing links. But since this is ultimately circular iteration number of links that came out earlier will return affect the value of the input.

External links creating relevance homepage points will be reduced?

That will only happen if the external link to a page that had nothing to do with the theme being discussed. If that is still relevant to the page, it will not diminish its relevance. In fact, could be strengthened if the relevant points of this page recommends a more authoritative pages or writing quality.

So the external link quality does not affect PageRank, but affects the relevance and credibility of a page level. That means, external quality links will give a positive weight on the SEO of a blog.

External Links Relevant and High Authority Not Always Profitable

Do not also have external links that are relevant and high authority looks favorable, then friends of excessive use. Do not forget the fact that the points given to your own pages would be reduced if too many external links.

Okay if accretion homepage get visitors, but what if the number of visitors to the pages of the article is reduced drastically? You will definitely lose too in the end.

How to prevent the end result of reduced external link?

From the diagram above you can see the biggest problem is far more internal than external links link, if only there were 100 internal links and external links only 4, then the story could be better. Of course, with a record 100 pages of articles we were also mutually interlinking. If links to internal pages more from external pages, then it is definitely PageRank flow within their own blog can be much more awake.

With friends like this can earn points relevance and trust of the external link, without worrying fall pagerank other pages excessively (points decrease will happen, but if only a few will not take effect, especially if The resulting points greater relevance).


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