How to Make Your Own Website With WordPress CMS

How to Make Your Own Website With WordPress CMS - How to create your own website using WordPress is actually very simple. So I'll try to explain it here. I need to know is, that was originally known as a wordpress blog platform, but today has become a brand wordpress CMS or Content Management System is very prominent.

What is a CMS?

Content Management System is a computer program or what we call the software. Install wordpress software will help us create a website without having to have the ability to programming languages ​​HTML, CSS, or anything of that sort.

With this wordpress CMS software you can manage text, video, audio, images, and several other media into a look of the website with ease.

The WordPress CMS Software? Instead of like Blogspot Blog?

Before you get confused even further, then here you need to know two types of wordpress:

This is where you can wordpress blogging with a free hosted content, but with so many restrictions. If you want to "looseness" you can upgrade your account.

It is the community site of WordPress CMS software users. Here also you can download the latest software from wordpress CMS that can help you create a website to pay for your own hosting and of course your own domain name.

So if you want to create your own website, then is the site you should visit. basically offer the same software that is used on so you can practice first on Once you get used to it enough to use on wordpress CMS software will give you full control to manage a lot of things on your website.

Moreover, if you are familiar with the programming language PHP (Personal Home Page). If not, do not worry because today there are so many available plugins that can help you get the functionality you want.

First Steps to Make a Website: Have An Account On Web Hosting And Domain Names

For this you need to contact a web hosting to create an account with ordering a hosting package and domain name. What is web hosting? It is a server where you will store your website files on the internet that can be accessed by everyone.

The following are some of the names of web hosting services provider in Indonesia, you can contact Customer googling and its service for guidance on how to have a hosting account they. Enter any name below to visit the site on Google them.

  • IDwebhost
  • Rumahweb
  • Webmaster
  • Qwords
  • CBN
  • Pandanaran

After you successfully create one web hosting account and at least one domain name at one of the above services, then you can immediately start to create your first website using wordpress.

To do this, you can use cpanel with its auto installer to install wordpress on a web host account and domain name that you choose. Here is a simple guide.

Installing Wordpress In Cpanel

First of all go into cpanel of your domain. Please type / cpanel in your browser address bar and hit enter. Enter the username and password that you have.


Have entered into your cpanel? Now navigate your cursor to the field of software and locate the application fantastico de luxe.


Setting screen will appear later fantestico de luxe. Choose the option choices wordpress blogs. and enter the data required to start making your wordpress website domain name that you have. See example below.


Wait a few moments until the wordpress installation is completed. After that please click FINISH instalation.


Now installing wordpress in your domain name is completed.


Now your website creation using WordPress CMS're done. You can open the website by typing your domain name in the address bar in the browser. Would appear to resemble the Now simple view below.


So this is roughly the shape of the initial appearance of the website that you created with CMS wordpress. For those of you who So are familiar with blogspot might be wondering. If it is to be installed such as hosting, then from where can get into the blog dashboard? It's easy... there just add wp-admin behind your domain URL to enter into the dashboard of your newly created website that is.

If your website is domain, then

When accessing this page you must first log in by entering your username and password for the domain account that is paired wordpress website just now.


If you enter the correct data, then you will find your website dashboard page that you can use to customize the look and functionality of your website work. As seen in the figure below.


Ok, now you have your own website. But the process is still long. So in the next article we will learn how to install a theme, make a static page, Creating Post, and so forth.


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