How Many Links in Web Pages?

How Many Links In Web Pages - Many beginner bloggers should ask how many links they put in a web page? This is actually a question that looks are not important but very important. What does it mean? Please read the following short SEO article.
What is the Maximum Number of links
Google says that they limit the first engine indexing a web page to 100KB, and in general this size pages containing approximately 100 links.
So to make sure the links you have indexed, then you should keep the number of links in the limit of 100 links. But that was then and now it is different. Google claims now they've been able to handlet he engine larger page size, so it is possible for more than 100 links on every page of the website.
Do Any Installing Lots of Links
While it is impossible to install a lot of links in a web page but that does not mean we can arbitrarily put a lot of links. Remember that on the website there is an article that will support and will be the main article.
The definition of the main article is an article that became the largest crawler visitor traffic for your blog. And the articles is what should be our main focus for the link appear on each page.
And what about the articles supporting it? Articles supporting points still have to get the stream but do not need to be our main focus. Simply we make sure the articles supporting these points to get the flow of the pages of labels/categories.
What To Do If You Want To Put A Lot Of Links?
If you want to put a lot of links, so you have to be strong to find backlinks. Whether you focus backlink on the home page and main article pages, or you are looking for backlinks perfunctory for all of your web pages.
So if you want to put a lot of links. Make sure you look for a lot of backlinks stronger, because otherwise the points on each page will be divided fairly evenly and links mainstay article you will get less points than I should.


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