How to Get Backlinks to Increase Ranking

How to Get Backlinks to Increase Ranking - How to get backlinks to boost the ranking in the Google search engine seems to still be a lot of people confused. This is actually quite reasonable because in the year 2013 alone there are so many algorithm updates which resulted in many outstanding issues that "it is not necessary backlinks".

This is something of a misnomer, a backlink is still a very strong determinant factor in the Google algorithm. Even if there are blogs that say they can master keyword with new articles without backlinks, actually it is not new. From the year 2012 alone is like that, just because they do not pay attention so carried away that euphoria is not clear.

Who needs friends novice bloggers know, although it has not been given the article page backlinks, but an article page to get a "stream" the reputation of the domain, so without any backlinks can even get in first page of Google.

It just remains to be seen again, how hard the competition of those keywords. If mild competition, then take 1st place also can without backlink.

Then why do we have to get backlinks?

Due to the generally low competition keywords that do not have huge traffic. If traffic is not large, then our blog will have no commercial value. Surely this is not a problem for those who do blogging for fun only. But for those of you who do blogging for money, then of course it needs to visitor traffic.

So that's where the dominant effect, where there is no backlinks, then there is no rank and no rank equally with no traffic, no traffic means no commercial, and commercial means no money coming.

So Begin Looking For Backlink Blog/Your Site

To get the backlinks you can do it yourself or hire a backlink service. So here I want to introduce first the ways that you can do yourself.

BackLink Find Yourself

But before you go, you should be able to distinguish the blogs are dofollow and nofollow. For that you have to install NoDoFollow in your firefox browser. So you should read it first and figure out how to make dofollow blogs . (Do not use chrome to find backlinks this activity).

Getting Backlinks With Blog Commenting Dofollow

It is the most old school technique where you can tether backlinks by commenting on DoFollow blogs. To do this you simply do a Google search on the keyword list of dofollow blogs 2014. After that you can get backlinks by commenting wearing NAME/URL or OPEN ID. Enter the keywords that you target at the NAME column and the link to the URL field.

Disadvantages of this method are, in general point of this blog page is low, so you have to say much. In addition, many bloggers "fraudsters" who say they are dofollow blogs when nofollow, so use your previously NoDoFollow pairs to determine whether it is a dofollow blog.

Looking Backlink From Social Bookmark Dofollow

Social bookmarking dofollow backlink is highly recommended resource. So for mild competition you can submit any of your articles to multiple social bookmarking sites. This will create a level of indexing your blog is getting better.

Social bookmarking is the most popular today are using Drigg platform. Unfortunately this kind of social bookmarking mostly been "close of registration". So please friends used social bookmarking Googling still functioning. In case someone has the latest list of social bookmarking dofollow. Because currently my list contains most of the social bookmarking has become garbage.

Finding Relevant Backlinks from Dofollow Classified Ads

Those who want to install the relevant backlinks, then it is a classified ads site that gives good access to it. It's just worth noting that at the time of filling the ad should create advertising content a little bit longer, though more significant keywords.

Hunting Backlink Blog Backlink Spying With Famous or SEO Contest Participants

Well, the problem of the two methods above (social bookmarking and classified ads) are pages backlinks you get really fresh and very low points. If you want to get backlinks that point is relatively high, it is advisable to peek backlinks from famous blogs or blogs that are following the SEO contest.

Just visit and enter the blog URL or URL famous contestant page SEO is done. Then you will get a series of rows URL. Is all of this URL DoFollow? Of course not, you still have to filter out and try one by one to find the dofollow.

Wearing Footprint in Finding Dofollow Backlinks

Another technique that is footprint. Each dofollow blog has its own characteristics. It could be a phrase or a sentence that appears on every page. Therefore we can look for other domains that use the same platform using the technique footprint.

It is a technique for intermediate bloggers, so it might be a little confused beginner. For starters you should read the article first Google search operators , before the start of practice this Footprint to find backlinks.

Find Backlink Service With BackLink

For those beginner bloggers in this way is not recommended, because the skill backlinks is something you have learned, and mastered. The only solution I recommend to those business people who are trying to build an online site, but did not have enough time because of busy business offline. With other words, the time taken to find backlinks will be much more likely to make if used for managing an offline business.

So by hiring the services of backlinks, you can still work offline while observing improvement in ranking of your website from time to time. Of course you can not ask someone to do something work without a service fee, so please find backlinks services that fit your budget today. Please Googling with keywords BACKLINK SERVICE.


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