Best SEO Tools to Browser

Best SEO Tools to Browser - If you really want to do SEO optimization for your blog, it is a good idea to equip your browser with plugin the best SEO Tools to the browser that can help you to do your SEO activities.

Why do We Need SEO TOOLS Installed On The Browser?

We need these SEO tools, because in doing SEO there are so many parameters that we need to observe. SEO tools are installed this will make things very practical for you. You no longer need to open a specific website to get the information you need.

What Information do We Need SEO Tools of This?

Value Pagerank

Basically that is widely used is Google Pagerank Checker. The function of this tool is to tell us the value of Google's PageRank of the page that we visit.

Why do we need to know the value of PageRank of a page? Basically PageRank is no longer be a major determinant of the ranking of a web page in the Google search results. It's just that we need to know the PageRank of a page to find out a few things, namely:

  • Are our competitors doing SEO optimization Offpage to find backlinks to the website.
  • Are backlinks nofollow or dofollow acquired mostly.
  • Do backlinknya most quality backlinks or not.
  • Is competitors website link structure split points throughout the article page.
  • Is this our rivals will understand SEO or not.

By using SEO tools and observe the pagerank of the pages of your competitor's websites, then we can answer the above questions. You will not be "naive" and quickly amazed with her homework pages are high, because a high PR does not mean high traffic or good ranking.

There are a lot of websites with PR3 PR1 who beat up. It all depends on the balance of SEO optimization is performed by the owner.

Value Rank Alexa

You should know that Alexa rank has nothing to do directly with SEO! Just because a blog alexa rank very slim (like this blog), it does not guarantee that the conditions of the blog SEO in top shape at the moment.

If so why do we need the Alexa Rank? It's simple, for those of you who want to run an online business, then the reputation of the Alexa rank is something that is very necessary. Alexa rank will inform visitors of your blog that is not a website that you have a new website so yesterday afternoon.

In contrast to PageRank, you can be a PR5 within a month only if you happen to enter the post-update pagerank backlink building. But to have an Alexa rank of 100 thousands, a month is not enough, you need a period of 3-6 months.

So the conclusion alexa rank very slim does not guarantee health visitor traffic then. But enough to assure that the blog has collected a very good reputation.

So the function of installing the Alexa rank SEO tools to help you identify the browser is a website that does build up quite a reputation and on the other hand will also streamline alexa from your own website (speed up your reputation at least up to the level of 500 thousand).

What SEO Tools Must be Installed in The Browser?

At least you have to put 3 SEO tools I have

discussed above in the browser:

Maybe there are some bloggers who will say to you "Install SeoQuake is enough, do not need another". Yes indeed the SeoQuake also displays the data pagerank and alexa rank, but not SeoQuake Alexa Toolbar. In addition SeoQuake also often have you turn off.

Do not let SeoQuake on hold, because of the SEO tools that will increase the amount of data that is sucked up every time you open a website. In addition, if you overuse SeoQuake, then the Google system will consider it as a robot with suspicious activity.


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  2. I describe only the most important.

  3. The MozBar from Moz is also a pretty good one.
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