How to Select Keywords Most Wanted

How to Select Keywords Most Wanted - How to choose keywords that are searched a lot of people are actually very easy. It's just a lot of blogger friends who ignore this step because it is not important. Though this step is very important, because this is the process that will determine the potential number of visitors to your blog.

You could be writing articles that discuss the same topic with the same number of words as well. But it does not guarantee that the same number of visitors for 1 keyword only difference can be very significant.

Choosing The Best Keywords For Label Blog

Once you understand what SEO is , and then put the best SEO tools, and determine the theme of the blog , then it's time to define the best keywords that you are targeting for your blog.

As an example case; I'll give simulation keyword selection to create a blog with a theme Agriculture.

First step let us brainstorm ideas first? What do you think would look for people who are engaged in the agricultural field?

This is some keyword: Seed, fertilizer, farming tools, Anti Pests, Crops, farming techniques, How to Take Care of Plants, and Selling Price.All that is on top I can use as a label of the Farm blog.

Developing a Key Word Label For Aeticles

Now it's time to process further, namely to change the labels had become more specific keywords for the articles.

In addition we can also see that these key words have a fairly searches each month. If we can build a blog that has the best reputation, the opportunity to get tens of thousands of visitors per day is still wide open.

So please do developments for other labels first. Try to get at least 20 keywords in each label. Thus you will not run out of article ideas for months and months.

Choosing Between Two Words Having The Same Meaning

In addition to the above labeling problem, there are other problems commonly experienced when we started making the article, which will determine the use of keywords which is almost the same meaning.

That you need to remember is better take 1st place in the keyword search only 1,000 people per month, rather than become a champion in the 15 keywords are searched 20,000 people per month.

Finally, use the Long Tail

Keywords It is difficult if you are a new blog owner seeks master keyword consists of 2 or 3 words. For example, if you are trying to master the keyword "organic fertilizer", then sure you just need a very heavy optimization.

Another case if you develop keywords into organic fertilizer had long keywords like: an easy way to make organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer best to water plants, and so forth. It's much easier to master the first position by using long tail keywords is.

So instead of making one article using short keywords, much better made 5 articles with keyword variations of different lengths.


  • 1. Perform the selection of ideas for the label.
  • 2. Keyword research to develop each label.
  • 3. If it can get crowded keyword seeker would be nice.
  • 4. But if the competition is too strong, do not hesitate to glance at keywords easier competition, although its search less.
  • 5. Try to make a long tail keyword variations, to make your entire optimization so much easier.


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