How to Make The Right Blog for Online Business

How to Make The Right Blog for Online Business - How to create a blog to the right online business is intentionally made ​​to help those who are trying to capitalize on his own blog as a promotional media. Why is this necessary? Because a lot of people who have caught their online business will fail since their blogs so.

Doing Keyword Research Before Making a Blog

This is the very first step you need to do before creating a blog for your online business. It is very necessary! Do not until you have spent time, money, and effort just to build something that is actually very minimal search.

So you are trying to register an account on Google Adwords and do some research to find out the number of monthly searches within your business. But before you do that you should sit at the table with a piece of paper and write down the key words of what will probably typed by people searching for your products.

Create key words in your list with a maximum length of 3 words alias (short keywords).Collect some of the short keywords and research using the Google Keyword Planner.

If the amount of search is quite good, and you feel able to alter 1 of 100 people into consumers, then it's the first sign that you can start your online business. But if one hundredth of the amount of searches that you find that is enough to satisfy you? If yes, please continue to build your online store.

Actually one of the 100 people it is not raw numbers. There are more obscure little business out of it, and there are also businesses that can touch 10 of 100 people.

Determine The Type Of Your Online Business

It is something that is very important, because you must be able to distinguish the type of your business from other businesses. Different types of business, the design is also different from a blog that should be made. So which of the three types below are suitable for your business?

  • Only 1 product category and one item.
  • Only 1 product category and many items.
  • Many categories of products and of course many items.

Why you should know this one? Because in designing a blog for business purposes you must think of the name landing page. What is a landing page? It is a page that you target as the visitors will come from search engines. So the page should really be made serepresentatif possible so that more visitors that turn into customers.

How to Make a Blog For 1 Category 1 Line Item

To do this, you must make the homepage as well as the main landing page for the page describing the product in detail. You can add other pages as a way of supporting such an order, or a page that describes your business profile.

Is that all you need to make? Of course not. Most products that only have a small search, so you have to make as many articles that are in around the product.

For example, you create a blog to sell a product that is useful for removing acne, then you can make a lot of articles about acne. The goal is to attract visitors who are potential market for your product. So the more articles, it will be the more variety of keywords will you master.

So for this type there is only one landing page is the homepage. While additional articles are to be "net" to get more visitors.

How to Make a Blog For 1 Line Item Category by Many

Almost everything is the same as above, just different detailed explanation of each product to back your own page, and do not focus on the homepage because too much variation will undermine the focus keyword.

That means the homepage devoted to mastering general keywords. For example, you create a blog to sell handbags, it is targeted to the home page of master keyword "bag sale online" or "online handbag store"; while the master page article made for a more detailed keywords again aka long tail keywords such as: "Sell Bag 3 red office space", or "Sell Skin Color Brown Bag Party". If you feel very much a product variation, so no need to make a support article. But it would not hurt if you want to make.

Here Landing Page can be enough to spread, because the homepage as the landing page remains the main keyword and product pages into a landing page for long tail keywords.

How to Make a Blog For Many Many Categories by Line Item

If you like this form of business, then you need to create a blog that is enough priority to the role of category pages. That means the home page, category pages, and product pages will be a landing page in this blog.

So be a landing page homepage common keywords such as "Selling Online Trusted. Thereafter page becomes the landing page of the main categories of products, such as targeting the keyword" Online Selling Women's Motorcycle Jacket ".... Now we optimize the pages of products being targeted for word key length, such as "Selling online ladies leather motorcycle jacket black sheep Jepara".

So as you see, the more complex your product, the more the landing page that you need, so that the greater the potential traffic you can get. Are you happy? Wait a minute, because this will be followed by the percentage increase in the burden of backlinks that a website will mix much larger than the percentage increase in the traffic.

Designing a Landing Page That Will Made

In Blogs I repeat the first, that the landing page is the page that you would expect to be the most frequently visited by readers. Therefore you should prepare for this page can be a page that will convince the reader of your product.

How many of you have ever opened an online business blog that made no difference to the personal blog? With rudimentary designs and free domain name they hope to find a buyer. Do you like it when visiting the blog you are interested in buying?

The simple principle of making an online business blog is "consumers wear glasses" when creating your blog. There are many people who make writing lengthy rambling alias for being so eager to explain the greatness of its products all in one page.

Note that 500 words to a landing page content that is very inadequate. Quite adequate in terms of SEO, and also sufficient to explain a product or business in outline. Strongly advised not to far exceed the number of words, because we intend to arouse the enthusiasm of readers and not make them sleepy.

If I know people are lazy, then why read this article and other articles of my long-term? Quite simply, because it is intended for learning for beginners and not selling. Articles for learning should be made as detailed as possible. If visitors are lazy to read, yes means it desires on the field being discussed was not there.

Now let's look at two examples of landing page below:



I want to emphasize is the planning of the landing page that should be considered as mature as possible. Starting from a mix of colors, text, and images they should be directed to the convenience of your business blog visitors eyes.

And of course, you want to act as a marketing professional who chose the use of words that concise but precise and this can only be done by those who are able to position themselves in the shoes of a consumer.

Use Your Own Domain On When Making Your Online Business Blog

Now that you have finished creating a blog for your business, and you feel the look of this blog has been Ok. Does that mean you're ready? Yet, consider this one again: "People will be difficult to trust you if you use a free domain name". If your customer is a person who is blind Internet may not be a problem .But if otherwise, then you should look no bona fide, because paying 100 thousand dollars per year for a domain name alone can not.

Optimization Perform At Your Create A New Blog

Finish creating a blog is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a journey weight. Now you have to bring more people to the pages of your website. You can invite a lot of people from a variety of social media, but still the best source of traffic is search engines, because they are coming from the search engines really need goods or services, because they are looking for themselves.


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