How to Make Blog SEO Friendly

How to Make a SEO Friendly Blog - How to make a blog SEO friendly actually be a bit difficult for novice bloggers. So for those blogger friends who are new, you may need more time to understand this. If you want instant to hire the services of the SEO friendly blog creation.

Choosing Your Free Domain or Own Domain

At this stage you are positioned to take a decision whether to take a free or premium domain domain. Actually what effect free domain or a premium domain in SEO this problem?

In terms of SEO, choose a domain name that contains keywords that are very profitable, but on the other hand will also put great demands to provide content that is of really good quality. If not you will be exposed to the algorithm of EMD (Exact Match Domain).

If you do not believe can provide quality content to the topic, then it is much better to use a common domain name or free domain alone. But if you believe it is to master the material, it is much more profitable if you use domains containing keywords.

What are the advantages to wear their own domain? Actually there are a lot of advantages. You can reduce competition with blogspot domain. You will also be easier to recover from the effects of hacking. Your blog look more professional (for online business), and free from monitoring Google about content quality guidelines. So you are more secure than the habit Blogger who likes to play clear if you violate the TOS (Terms Of Services/Terms of Service) them.

Choosing a Name URL

As already outlined above, the URL containing the keywords can be quite profitable you if you master the material. But if you do not really master the material, it is much better you choose a name that is free only.

In addition to your knowledge of the subject matter, there are some conditions in which you are better off choosing a name that is free only:

  • Your blog is a blog which contains a mixture of news.
  • The main keywords of your number is much less than its search key words aides.

If conditions as above, you may use the "brand" as the name of the URL you. It would also affect the stages offpage SEO Optimization you later.

Create a SEO Friendly Blog The Meta Description to Enable The Feature

After you specify the domain name, then it is time to create your blog. Please note that when creating a blog, do not forget to activate the meta description.

Use SEO Friendly Blog Templates

Of course to create a blog that is SEO friendly, then you should use a blog template that is SEO friendly too. For this problem, there are two options to choose from:

  • Looking for SEO friendly templates are ready-made, or
  • Editing your template is currently a SEO friendly.

Make Onpage Optimization

Once the structure of your blog meets the criteria for the blog template that is SEO friendly, then it's time to do onpage optimization on the basic components of your blog.

Create a Blog Article Which Meets the Criteria SEO Friendly

Articles that you create should be unique, it is different from the existing ones in cyberspace. If you can, then you should make a long and detailed article, because it will help you to master many keywords.


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