How to Download YouTube in MP3 Format

How to Download YouTube in MP3 Format - How to download youtube MP3 format is actually intended for videos and music tracks. If my friends find the song or the music they like, it can be downloaded as mp3 files only.

Examples of cases that most need this method, let's say you're watching a dancer and a dancer video that you like the music, then you can download the music alone to be used to develop your dance. The music will be reformatted into MP3 format first before you can download. So we just learned now:

Practical Ways to Download Youtube

Video As MP3 Select Video Youtube Will you download as an MP3 and then copy its URL in the address bar of your browser.


Go to site and enter the URL that you copied in the field provided (delete the link example in it). If you have click Convert Video. Convert it quickly, just 2-5 seconds.


After the conversion is finished you will quickly see a download link. Please clicked the download link.


Dialog box will appear to confirm your selection. Select SAVE and click OK.

If everything runs smoothly only, then you will get the MP3 files you want in the same quality as the video.

So for those of you fans of music and song, now you also can hunt song on Youtube. Hopefully the article on how to download Youtube in mp3 format can help you.


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