External Links Good for SEO?

External Links Good for SEO?

m-Blogger.web.id - Are external links good for SEO? Today quite a lot of blogger friends who are afraid to install external link on the article for fear it would damage the external link optimization of blogs. So I will try to discuss this from my perspective.

Effect of External Links In SEO

Frequently asked questions are what is the authoritative site in the external links? Simply like this, site or web page that authority is the world or at least have a national reputation. So these are the sites that are often referred to when discussing the topic, without the need to refer the website itself.

If wikipedia does not necessarily discussed. I want to show an example of broader application. Suppose you discuss the issue of independent banks, it is certainly very well to put a link from an independent bank that contains the statement.

Similarly, when you discuss the case of a celebrity it is worth quoting a facebook or twitter page containing the personal statement of the celebrities.

But if you are still confused, then you can do the Googling just by entering short keywords about the topic you discussed. And pay attention to what sites displayed by Google. This at least guarantees the relevance of that page as your external links. But whether it is authoritative pages high? Yes please see if the site is quite crowded and focus on discussing the issue.

Link out or External Link Will Reduce Points page?

Certainly not at all. You do not need to worry that the link points out it will reduce your page. Because your page points obtained from the characteristics of the incoming links and not the characteristics of outgoing links.

So you need not worry about your points decrease, but rather increase the points of your competitors. But if you consider your competitors are too strong, like wikipedia and become champion 2 alone is good enough for you (in fact 1 champion is not impossible at all) then you can attach an external link to the high authority sites.

It will make you earn extra points for your own pages because Google considers these pages provide EXTERNAL LINK highly qualified for the visitors. Google also will see that you are supporting a web page that is also "liked" by Google.

So hopefully authoritative overview of the site that is clear enough. But it must be considered carefully whether it will make the competition even harder to gain your point or even more pronounced.


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