What is The Criteria Blog Google Likes?

What is The Criteria Blog Google Likes?

m-Blogger.web.id - I want to write any blogs criteria favored by Google, because many beginners are confused here. Most beginners just look at SEO from one side, and consider if the wrong side, then their blog should already be a champion.

Google's Web Spam Hate

You must remember this forever, that every day job I was only two, which is to improve the quality of their search results and fight web spam. So if you know what is detested by Google, then you will also know what is liked by Google.

The point I make a standard blog he likes it to be heavy so not a lot of spammers who managed to "conquer" his heart. Even the spammers eventually managed to conquer the hearts Google, then he must be qualified to spammers that topic. So here's what you should know before starting to create a blog devoted to the popularity or commercial.

Google Pleased With The Web Page Focus

There are so many web pages within one page that serves a lot of topics and not only that. They do not optimize templates and articles so I confused what you want emphasized in the web page. So optimizing templates and articles are a good first step that Google does not get confused on your page. And even better if you set the focus on any page of a discussion.

The Google Web Content Is Pleased With Many

One way Google is difficult for spammers to make himself more like a blog with lots of content. The point is to make spammers also makes an extra effort to make Google's impressed, and not just make one or two pages just kept hoping to get a lot of visitors from Google.

Google Pleased With Unique Content

So do not be mistaken for the origin of many of the same material repeatedly written to change a little style. The more extensive your discussion about a problem, the greater the authority that you wake up the topic in front of Google.

Pleased With Google Reader Favorites Content

So Google also monitors a person's visit to a web page. If on a web page that said there are umpteen number, then normally a visitor should spend less time more so. If a visitor spent time under it, then it is likely that the article is not qualified or is not sought.

It could even be better if the reader opens a lot of other pages and also read the content runs on every page. It is a vote that is very healthy for your blog.

Google Liked Blogs That Get Lots Of Backlinks

It's like a popularity contest, where the more backlinks you get, the higher you rank well. The difference is not a popularity contest actors concerned though that send millions of SMS was just one person. Important that they get their money, while Google does not.

You can get a lot of backlinks but must of multiple domains as well. If you have a lot of backlinks but there is one domain that dominates everything, then you will turn on the alarm Google's web spam.

So if you've done it all, what a champion means you have one? Not necessarily, to be seen what no one has done it better than you. Hopefully after reading this no longer a beginner who complain like this "On my page is 100% why not also champions" or "my Backlink already 2000, why not rank 1 ".... etc. Due to make Google happy you have to do things over thoroughly.


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