How Search Engine Google Work

How Search Engine Google Work - In short SEO material this time I want to discuss how to work the search engines (Search Engine) Google is, in Google's own words. It is made simple so that lighter friends read it (so this is for beginners only).

How Search Engines Work 1: Exploring And Constructing Index

  • We started the process works by exploring all the pages available on the internet (there are currently over 60 trillion pages).
  • Search Engines is sending robots to visit all pages by following links from one page to another. (Owner of the site may prevent pages accessible by the search engine robots to put up a robots.txt that prohibits certain all robots or robots to enter).
  • Google ranks all pages was based on its content and other factors, and then save the record in the index (Google data collection center).

How Search Engines 2: Search And Algorithms

  • When you type something in the search box, then what you type will be sent and processed in the system.
  • The search engine will work to find clues to understand what you want, and here there are six processes:
  • Spelling, to assess whether your spelling is correct, and if one then Google will give advice.
  • Autocomplete, where Google estimates about what to look for different variations of other meanings.
  • Synonyms, Google is trying to look at other documents that contain words that are synonymous with your search.
  • Methods Search, Google also provides other data in a specific format such as video, or images related to the keywords.
  • Google Instant, which is trying to display the results as soon as possible to you.

  • Of all the clues collected on top of Google will pull the data from the storage before we call the index.
  • The process displays this data (rankings) have to go through Google's algorithm:
  • Quality Site and Pages - Google's algorithm will work to identify how reliable, reputable, and berotoritasnya a source by using multiple parameters. One of the parameters is PageRank.
  • Freshness - I also found it important to consider the latest information to be displayed in the search results.
  • Safe Search - Google as much as possible reduce adult berkonten search results from the search results (unless you are really looking for adult content). So if you are not an adult content site, but put up an ad that led to a site that contains adult content, then your chances of ranking will be reduced.
  • User context - Google also will see our geographical position and cookies on the computer to determine the page rank of the display.
  • Language - Google also will classify search results based on the language and country.
  • General Content - This is like image, video, news, maps, and others will also be included in the search results page.
  • All of the above took place within 1/8 sec before being sent to your screen.

This is certainly beyond Google also continues to work dealing with spam, and therefore no such thing as a penalty/penalty from Google.


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