Link Exchange Beneficial for SEO and Google Ranking?

Link Exchange Beneficial for SEO and Google Ranking? - Link exchange Is it true is beneficial for SEO and can help us to rank on Google?

What is a Link Exchange?

The link exchange is a condition where you do a deal for someone else posted a link on your blog if they are willing to put your link in their blogs. Not because you recognize the quality of a blog, but rather the common need to get a backlink. The edges are an attempt to get Google rank 1 in SERP first page.

Link Exchange TechniqueIn broad outline, there are two types of link exchange is carried out by blogger friends, which is between the static pages to the homepage and the sidebar/footer or navigation menu. What the advantages and disadvantages between the two techniques?

Inter Link Exchange Static Pages

Obviously this will give you a very small point. In addition to just getting a link from one page, the page it was full of links from other blogs, as a result of your blog is not big enough to get the points. But on the other hand, you will not lose points in large numbers as well.

Inter Link Exchange Sidebar or Navigation Menu

Exchange links like this can greatly benefit you and vice versa can be very detrimental to you. Profitable if you do exchange links with blogs that larger point, his article more, and less outbound link on every page. But if the opposite is true, then you will lose. There is always winning and losing in this regard.

Influence on PageRank Link Exchange

Are able to increase pagerank link exchange? The answer of course VERY CAN ONCE. Is this the answer you wanted to hear, because this is true.

Link Exchange influence on Homepage

Suppose you exchange links with 80 blogs that have an average of 150 pages. That means it will get 12,000 pages refers to the brother homepage pagerank homepage. Of course you will go up if the conditions are like this. Pagerank 2 or 3 will be waiting for you in the next update.

Link Exchange Influence on Article Pages

It's no secret that the average offender mostly build backlinks exchange links only to the homepage of course right? If true, then those who do this will get unfavorable impact on article pages than if you get a backlink by doing link building.

Now try you notice the difference between the pages of blog posts that do link building with which relies on link exchange:

  • Link Building: If the homepage is PR2, then you will be able find many articles that PR1 or PR2 even.
  • Link Exchange: Even homepage PR3, the average article will only get PR0.

Why is that? Somewhat difficult to precisely illustrate. So we use a small system faster so understood.

Now let's say there are 2 pieces of blog homepage equally PR4, and all have an internal link to the article as much as 2 seeds. But that only get a PR4 with link building, and the others get a PR4 with link exchange.

Based on Google pagerank how to calculate one round blog get pagerank of link building will give points to each of its pages.
0.15 + 0.85 (4/2) = 1.85

While getting PR4 from the link exchange with 80 other blogs will give to the pagerank of the pages.
0.15 + 0.85 (4/82) = 0.19

Of course, the above calculation is only 1 loop course to ignore the article page also provides a link to the homepage, and also have 80 external links on the sidebar. If the loop is executed up to 40 times, for example, then the value will be a flat course near 0,15.

So by doing exchange links, fatten your home page article pages but drying. If you want is directing traffic to home page all, no problem. But if you wish getting traffic from pages article, then this is a big problem.

So there is no link echange truly mutually beneficial, there will always profit and no stump. But if only this way can you do to get backlinks, then what can not be helped than no backlink.

So useful for SEO Link Exchange you or your blog ranking in Google, just in case you do not have any other method.


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