Why Out of Google Penalties Penguin So Difficult?

Why Out of Google Penalties Penguin So Difficult?

M-Blogger ID - Nowadays people busy talking about the latest Google Panda update, because the traffic is quite a lot of people who fall for a penalty of this algorithm. But much easier to recover or exit penalties than the Google Panda Google Penguin sanctions.

Why? Because the panda was just about onpage alone, and you have full authority to tamper with onpage own right?. If you can fix the problem on onpage and the quality of your content, then it's a penalty or punishment will be lifted when the next calculation. So Panda and Penguin works independently in performing calculations on the pages of our website.

As with the Penguins penalty which is also the alias automatically penalized by the algorithm. You should be able to fix the "unnatural" that exist in the composition of backlinks before we could get out of this penalty. Now the question mark is what you can edit the backlinks you have installed into other people's websites? Is not it?

How if your backlinks already be toxic to your optimization? Is there an easy way to fix it? Of course the easy way to fix this kind of error is not there! And therefore I still make backlinks as a very important indicator for ranking. So how do I get out of Google penalty Penguin?

Overcome Sanctions Google Penguin with Disavow Link?

It is a tool provided by Google that can be used to dispose of unnatural backlinks backlink from our list. You can use Google disavow this tool only if you have already contacted the website administrator to request your link be removed. Shit was not, it's very annoying requirement of Google.

Google has stated that there is no guarantee at all that they will process your backlink submit. And therefore there is a lot of testimony in cyberspace that link disavow tool does not help them. But of course you can try your luck.

Out of Google With Sanctions Principles Kitchen Spices

Now you have an unnatural backlink composition. Usually it is caused unnatural keywords that are too dominant or because too many backlinks from the same domain. Now what would you do if you are already a lot of cooking salt? Yes, you can add water, flavoring, and spices so that the sauce is not noticeably less seasoning.

The problem is if the keywords you are 100% containing a keyword and a keyword should exist in the range of 20% only, then how many backlinks you need to add? The answer is a lot! If you have 10,000 backlinks today, then you need to note is the ballpark's 40,000 backlinks. Even though you webspam technique still requires a very long time to come out of Google Penguin sanctions.

Out of Sanctions Google Penguin With Abandonment

Yes, this method can also be, you could keep only website for months and hope backlinknya disappear one by one by itself. Usually within 6 months there will be quite a lot of backlinks that go away by itself, so it is usually a penalty will also be lifted by itself, but of course your website will become more emaciated and optimization should start from the beginning.

So it seems that even this option is not an option for those who are dying want to quickly see the traffic in the near future.

Moving Blog to Avoid Google Penguin

These options can be considered for those of you who want to experience a relatively fast recovery and not too heavy (weight still does but not too). You can do the "moving blog" is to put the robots.txt blocking Googlebot access all pages.

If possible you could ask for deletion of all URLs from Google index using webmaster tools. And after the request is received please download all your content on the blog a long time.

Create a new blog and import all the old posts earlier to the new blog, and start looking for backlinks for your new blog this. You do not need as many backlinks in the kitchen spice methods to get traffic better. Nowhere any method you choose, still nothing can be said to be an easy repair program.

But the important thing is to take your time to see if you were actually exposed to a penalty of penguins, or just a silly mistake onpage. Do not let you take pains for months just because of your blog diagnose disease.


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