How to Optimize Your Blog Keyword

How to Optimize Your Blog Keyword

M-Blogger ID - How to optimize your blog keywords, currently there are many bloggers who hope to get a lot of visitors from Google. However traffic from Google is quality traffic for online business, including traffic and automatically occur if the SEO you've succeeded.

Previously blogger friends probably already read the article keyword research and Google Webmaster Tools. If it is supposed friends already have a lot of stock of keywords, has been making a lot of quality articles, and has been looking for backlinks to popularize the articles are made.

The question is now what your blog is was the maximum? Have you already mastered the keywords in your blog? If not what keywords you need to optimize it again? Many bloggers will be confused if asked, what keywords need to be optimized further. So this time I will make an article about optimizing keywords.

Easy Techniques Optimizing Keywords In Google Webmaster Blog

  • Now go to your Google Webmaster Tools account from your blog.
  • Select the blog you want to optimize the key word.
  • Select the Traffic menu on the left sidebar.
  • Select the sub menu search query to see what keywords were achieved by your blog.
  • Now look at the picture below.
  • Note the views column there are number of key words broadcast by Google reached 22,000 times.
  • My average position for that keyword is 6.6. What does he mean average position 6.6? Simply put my blog is in a position sometimes 5, sometimes 7, sometimes 6, sometimes 8 and after so averaged 6.6.
  • Due to the position of keywords is not maximized, then click the number that was only 2% of Google users. 2% that is the 400 clicks.
  • So now I know that my keywords this block has a high exposure, so to increase the number of clicks I have to raise the position of the keyword.
  • If the ranking position improves, then the percentage will also increase CTR, because rank 1 is usually 54% clicked by visitors.
  • If there are 22,000 impressions and I can get the first position, then the 54% CTR will donate 12,000 visitors to my blog.
  • How to optimize course to find backlinks for that keyword, the most basic way you have to do.

A few simple tips today, hopefully it helps you to think about the next step optimization. So the most important, is to find backlinks related to those keywords. And searching for the right keywords for your articles to be posted.


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