How to Create Dynamic Heading on Blogger

How to Create Dynamic Heading on Blogger

M-Blogger ID - How to create a dynamic heading? The more bloggers who want to use this trick, because this is one of several criteria template SEO friendly today. So easy SEO trick will be little sharing basis for changing our blog heading into a dynamic heading. Now look at the picture below.

In the picture above you can see three important parts of article on the page, namely:

  • The Title Tag
  • Header Page
  • Title Article

The third component of this is the most important part of a webpage, you should not waste the three components with the wrong settings. So let's learn the basics for setting up a template be SEO friendly.

Set Title Tag

Many blogs let the blog title tags in their default state alone. For example, the blog "Great Computer" create article "How to fix a computer?". So the title tag it will write the "Great Computer: How to fix a computer?" We can see that the best place in the title tag, which is the forefront of the title tag is filled with the name of his blog. In fact very little, almost no one wants to search for the keyword "Great Computer". At least the blog title tag should write "How to fix a computer? | Supreme Computer".

Even if you need to remove only the name of the blog and write "How do I fix my computer?" Because each additional word in the title tag will reduce the percentage of the keyword density.

Before doing the trick below please first back-ups made ​​template now. If you fail to re-upload the template stay current.

Set Page Header

We want the header of this page while writing the name of the blog on the homepage, and write the title of the article when in page article. Therefore we need to make some settings on the blog HTML. To do that do the following procedure:

  • Sign in to your blogger account.
  • Select the blog you want to edit, and enter into the Template.
  • Click Edit HTML.
  • Open all the way. Click the template code in any place in the code. Press CTRL + A, then press CTRL + C, then press the DEL, and finally paste by pressing CTRL + V. All the code will be fully open.
  • Find <*b:include name='title'/*> code to use control + f when the cursor is active in the HTML code of the edit box. Usually there will be 3 code like this. So we do trial and error, but my advice is start from the bottom.
  • Replace the code <*b:include name='title'/*> with the code below:

    <*b:if cond='data:blog.pageType !="item"'*>
    <*b:include name='title'/*>
    <*/ B: if*>.
  • Save the changes and see if it changed the title of the article page. If not change back above code into <*b:include name='title'/*>, and repeat replacement <*b:include name='title'/*> code on the other.

Set Article Title

By default the templates usually give H3 heading to the post title. It's actually not SEO friendly. Moreover, by default blogger templates also provide H2 heading for the name of the gadget. So here we want to change the title of the article into H2 headings.

Follow the procedure below to change the title of the article:

  • Still in the EDIT HTML mode now use control + f in your browser to search for code (make sure the code is no frills mobile).
  • Code like this can be more than one, depending on the template you are using. Now change everything becomes
  • If it is, now with control + f look all code <*h3 class="post. Change everything becomes <*h2 class='post.
  • Change also end tag <*/h3> to <*/h2>.
  • Save the changes to the template.

Additional: Changing Title So H3 Widget

Now the blog template you already use dynamic heading. Just change the title of the gadget into h3.

  • Still in the Edit HTML mode on Template, look for all the HTML code for the widget to your blog. Let's take the example of the Blog Archive widget like the code below:

    <*b:widget id='BlogArchive1' locked='false' title='Arsip Blog' type='BlogArchive'*>
    <*b:includable id='main'*>
    <*b:if cond='data:title'*>
    <*h2><*data:title/*><*/ h2>
  • Please altered blue code above into <*h3><*/h3>
  • If all the code on the widget has been changed to h3 again please save your blog template.

Ok, it's done setting all the critical components on your blog. Now your blog is more SEO friendly. Hopefully this dynamic headings can help improve rankings sister blog articles in Google.


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