How to Overcome Penalties Google Panda Algorithm 4.0 Latest

How to Overcome Penalties Google Panda Algorithm 4.0 Latest

M-Blogger ID - After yesterday I discussed the problems Google Penguin, so now I want to discuss the issue of Google Panda 4.0 which is the latest update and quite broad impact. How do I get out of the penalty google panda 4.0 will also be discussed. But let us first identify what is Google Panda.

It is not a coincidence I have 3 sets of current algorithms, the first is the hummingbird is so varied in color, because it is collected diverse algorithms to analyze a page of the various factors of SEO.

While two other algorithms are pandas and penguins are only 2 animals only have 2 colors, namely black and white. So the two algorithms is held as auxiliary engines to help sort out the pages hummingbird that "SEO White" and "Black Webspam".

Penguins are animals that prowl the waters off the coast alias alias offshore, and that is why the algorithm penguins find their prey in the sector offpage. While the animals are looking for food in the mainland Panda alias onshore, and that is why the panda algorithm to find prey in the sector of onpage SEO.

For those of you who've been playing in the SEO world surely you can see that at the end of last May there are a lot of websites which fall in the rankings, but do not lose too much riding ranking. So this is a basic overview of SEO that in an era when we can no longer ignore onpage, because onpage can make your rank skyrocket or just tumbling.

So for those who want to do a 100% SEO onpage and offpage shall fix, so you do not need to do the hard work excessively in boosting rankings in search engines like Google.

I will not discuss in detail here onpage problem because it can be very long. But no need to worry because Panda does not attack or slam the pages just because its structure was not optimal. Panda just slammed the pages whose structure is clearly not consistent with the technical standards of Google and positive conduct on onpagenya spam. (Note that even if you do not slam, but with a maximum of onpage not mean you also do not get extra points for onpage SEO).

What to change to Out of Google Panda Penalties

Obviously if you feel exposed to a severe blow from the panda 4.0, you feel you want to get out of the penalty on this one. But one thing you should know is, onpage fix it relatively easier than offpage. It's just that you have to understand it as what implementation techniques, because I am not going to explain in more detail about it in this article.

So below are the things you should consider from the web pages you have:

  • Does your page contain quality content and are able to help others or just lip service from you to skyrocket the number of pages? If you can judge honestly, then it will help you. Later I will explain why below.
  • Are you doing over excessive optimization? Perhaps too many keywords on your page? Or is too much content to discuss matters that are not unique?
  • Check also if you do not do webspam technique called doorway pages? If you do not understand this term means ignore it. Because if you do not understand, then you also can not do it, unless your website is made by someone else.
  • Check whether your website has duplicate content issues. Content that is not duplicate content stolen people yes. The duplicate content is 2 or more pages within your own website whose content is exactly the same.
  • Arrange your system with more neat category. Do not make the categories or tagging as a means to accumulate keywords automatically. The article should be wearing one category. Unless the article has carried the position in the hierarchy of categories. For example Home > Blogging > SEO > How to Make SEO Friendly Title Tag. In the above example, it may use more than one category.
  • Pay attention to your internal linking within a page. Too many internal links will make all the pages sunk and no one becomes a champion, and too little will make the potential variation of keywords into a champion to be very minimum.
  • In addition to the duplicate content, check also for the title and meta description tags duplicate.
  • Stop stealing other people's content and if there immediately remove the stolen content. The requested content is well also to be removed because of the point you make your website look like a website with low quality content. I can not tell you steal or'm fine. The algorithm will only see your content plagiarism or not unique.
  • Consider a mobile user to be more responsive by using templates.
  • Are there a few points above that you need to improve? If it is too much that needs to be fixed, then my advice might as well do a redesign on your website.

What is New Panda Algorithm Passions It?

After the panda update 4.0 is the latest there are some trends that look as follows:

  • Algorithm 4.0 is the latest Google Panda is likely to pay particular attention to the blogs that do a "specialization". My point is in general blogs that discuss a particular niche traffic has increased, while the material is a mixture of declining traffic. For some, maybe most of the traffic is directed to a mixture blogs blogs that specialize earlier.
  • Google Panda Algorithm 4.0 is likely to also attack blogs that each page has a bounce rate is too high. So if none of the articles you have bounce rate under 70%, then your blog is likely to hit a penalty from the latest Google Panda.
  • In this new era of Google panda is very noticeable that the quality is above quantity, because there are blogs that actually the traffic becomes greater than ever after removing 50%-85% of the content which is considered as low quality content. So the article-low quality articles that are likely to become a burden for optimization.
  • Note also the design of your website, too many ads or images at the beginning will be considered degrade the quality of the page. The beginning of the article should have been visible when the page is loaded without the visitor having to drag the page down.

So that the things that need to be considered to be fixed in the era panda 4.0. At least after comparing a few pages affected by the increase or decrease in traffic. Hopefully your blog traffic will soon recover after next googlebot visit after you make repairs to the above.


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