Determine Blog What Will You Create

Determine Blog What Will You Create

M-Blogger ID - How to I determine which blogs will you create? This is the earliest stage of all the SEO process. The article itself is part of a program to do SEO in stages. So if you are a blogger really a beginner, I highly recommend to start doing SEO article that in order to get the full picture.

So let's start from zero only. Let's say you have not had any blog. Even if you already have some knowledge of SEO, I hope you can forget all of that first. Because of my experience, theory confuses SEO from there and from here it becomes a disaster for our blog. When you're ready, we just started with the first issue.

Choosing Content Original or Copy Paste?

This is the first issue when creating a blog, which determines whether the blog will contain original content or copy and paste. This determination is quite important for our SEO later. If you choose a blog original content, then the SEO optimization can be easier, because your articles will be unique. It's just the difficulty of blogs like this exists on the activities of creating content, because sometimes the bloggers are also running out of ideas.

Another case if you create a blog with copy and paste the article. Blog copy and paste is very practical because it just copying articles from other blogs. But on the other hand SEO optimization can be very difficult. If the SEO optimization is done the same, then usually you have to post the article up to 20 times more to get the same results.

So if you want to build a blog copy and paste, make sure you are diligent enough to copy and paste. Of course bloggers to copy his work would not be happy, so at your own risk if it gets reported to the DMCA and is banned from Google index. It is an additional risk of a blog copy and paste.

Mixed Choosing a Blog Niche Specific or Blog

This time we want to talk about the "topic" or commonly called niche bloggers. This niche word itself is often used because it involves market segmentation. Thus the goal is to determine its own niche market segments of your blog later. Mistakes could mean choosing a niche market that is very narrow.

But you should know, a blog with a very large niche, also has a very high level of competition. Thus it takes a very heavy SEO optimization to boost our blog. Sometimes so much better select appropriate niche SEO capabilities we instead choose a niche super heavy.

Does not get better than the dozens of visitors just can not at all? Many bloggers who want to compete in a heavy topic, but the ability optimisasinya can only penetrate up to 3 pages only. So the original intention would get thousands of visitors, even resulting in very little traffic.

And what about the mixed blog? Blog mixed of course need SEO optimization is also heavy. Usually I have trouble judging the main theme of the blog mixed, due to the variation of keywords that are too diverse. Therefore mixed blog needs more articles, and each article must be labeled according to the theme.

Please note that niche mixed, copy and paste content can increase the level of difficulty on the fourth stage of SEO OffPage later. My advice, start from the most simple type of blogs while continuing to expand the collection of backlinks brothers and sisters hone hunting backlinks. The better your ability to find backlinks, then you can gradually rise to the next level.

Select Keyword or Select Label

Whether it's a blog that uses a specific niche or niches mixed, you should already have a plan from the beginning. If your blog has a specific niche, then determine from the outset what the main keywords and keyword what aides. To study the problem of keyword this in more detail please read the article how to do keyword research.

Meanwhile, if you are using a niche blog mixed, since the beginning of the discussion sub-determine you will do, to be labeled. Suppose you create a news blog, you can use sub-politics, law, celebrity news, economic, technological, social, cultural, and so forth as the label of your blog.

Choosing a Name URL Homepage

Here, a lot of bloggers who made the mistake of using indiscriminate domain name for his blog. Though this domain name can be very helpful in doing keyword optimization. On the other hand, for bloggers who put keywords in the name of the URL must be noted that Google has made ​​an update of EMD algorithm. brothers should really pay attention to the quality of the content if you want to use a domain name that contains keywords.

Use Own Domain or Freebies?

Now suppose you have determined the type of blog that you create. The next question is. Do you want to use a free subdomain, or purchase a paid domain? Perhaps you are confused about the benefits of each of these options. If you want to use the free domain, of course you do not need to shell out any cost. This is an option many novice bloggers, who are still busy experimenting with blogging world.

So what are the advantages if you use a paid domain? There are two advantages: First, you are free to determine the appropriate domain name with the keywords of your blog (this is a very big influence in SEO points). The second: blog seem more professional and not just amateurs who experimented with the virtual world.

The second point is very important for those who want to do business online. Do not use a free domain name for your online business, because it really makes your customers feel. For those of you who are interested in using a paid domain can read the article How do I change the blogspot domain to itself.


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