How to Writing Article Quality Standard SEO

How to Writing Article Quality Standard SEO

M-Blogger ID - How SEO Article Writing Quality Standards? This is stage 3 of the 4 stages of SEO. Try to make a quality article of keywords that have been researched. After determining the keywords that will be created article, then we are ready to start. Consider these important factors when writing the following article:

Choosing Article Title

The first stage is to determine the title of the article. Make sure the title contains the most important keywords in the article. Article title length should be about 5-7 words, because the length will decrease the density of keywords in it. If you want to make a splashy article title should be at the expense of keywords in it. For example, if the title of his article "The price of Ipad 3 Down Again" is changed to "Oh my God! Price Ipad 3 Down Again".

Choosing The Article URL

If the title of the article is chosen sufficiently long, then it may not be loaded all at the URL of the article. For users of blog platform could change the URL in the following manner. Look at the right part of the article where your typing. There was a permanent menu called Quick Links. Click on the menu, it will open the display as shown below.

You just type the last part of the URL. For example, if the URL that I want adalah, then I type is how-to-writing-article-quality-standard-seo (do not forget the hyphen included in the url). In this way, the URL would be more SEO friendly.

Use Labels in Every Article

We recommend using a label for your articles. Choose the most appropriate label to describe the article is made. To enter click Menu labeling Label in the right column to type articles. If using more than one tag separated by commas. If your blog is themed mix and not focus on one topic, then you should attach a label on the sidebar gadget to help the flow of PageRank to the pages of your blog posts.

Make Sure The Install Meta Description

The meta description that will be displayed on Google's snippets in search results, so make sure meta descriptions also use keywords in your article. The length of the meta description should not be too long, it's 150 characters is sufficient. But to enable the feature input in the manufacture of the meta description article, please follow the guidelines in the article how to install the meta description.

Makes Its Optimized Articles

Articles that you create should follow some of the following rules:

  • The length of the article at least 500 words.
  • Each keyword is repeated at least 3 times in the article, (had to keep it a density of about 3-6% only issue).
  • Keywords that first appeared to be in bold or italic.
  • Use standard language that does not diminish the quality of the article.
  • If you can, make another one with the keyword phrase in the article and give H2 or H3 Heading tags.

Setting Image in The Article

Make sure that you attach images containing Alt tags. Alt tag is tasked to tell Google about the content of the image, because the Googlebot can not recognize the picture. If the image file size can not be too large, because it may affect the page loading time. For blogspot users, images should be uploaded when writing the article, and do not be hosted on image hosting another. Because sometimes other hosting could not keep pace loading images from blogspot at rush hour.

Setting Link in The Article

If you really need to put a link in the article, then follow some of the following rules:

  • Make sure all links open in a new tab.
  • Distinguish outgoing links and the link to your own blog page. To make sure outgoing links using rel="nofollow", while the leading article itself does not need to be nofollow.
  • Keep in your article are at least two links to other articles on your blog if it is related. Interlink like this is very important to improve the search engine robots to index your blog.

Make Sure Your Article is Able to Solve Problems or Serving Information Sought Readers

The goal is simple, so that readers interested in reading the other article, or even come many times to your blog. It will be very good for the reputation of your blog.

Eight points above can help you to improve the quality of the blog article. Hopefully this can make your blog posts indexed better.


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