What is a Google Author Rank?

What is a Google Author Rank?

M-Blogger ID - What is a Google Author Rank? It is an innovative idea that is being explored by Google. Where Google will provide an assessment to the reputation of the author of a blog. Obviously this reputation will be the deciding factor in determining the ranking of your blog on search results pages.

Google Author Rank System Excellence Author of this rank is not intended to replace pagerank. Author rank is precisely to make more accurate PageRank. So it's not necessarily just because of the high Pagerank means that you can win the SERP. I began to see that the social recognition would seem more accurate than PageRank.

Author rank is much more difficult to forge than PageRank. You can fake pagerank by "tapping" link juice from an unknown website without the website owner. But you can not get points Author rank of a person without actually asking for the support of the people.

Author falsifying rank you want to make a lot of fake accounts? The question is how much of a follower of a follower of your account? Google will not take into account the support of a very poor support, so it would be a waste of time to make a fake account. These are the things that make the author rank has tremendous potential for Google to improve the quality of search results.

Am I being spread nonsense here? To convince you let me attach an official quote from Google's Agent Rank Patent (visit the link if necessary).

So obviously the latest in Google's patent actually intend to use the author's identity as reputation points that have great impact on his rankings.

How does Google Rank of The Author?

The author is the Query Independent Rank and cooperate with pagerank. If a low pagerank and author high rank, then Google will conclude that this is quality content that is less exposed to previously. Meanwhile, if the author rank is very low, but high pagerank, it will be suspected of being over link building.

Best of the best if the author rank and pagerank equally high. Clear that these will dominate the Google search page with ease.

Any signal calculated for Author Rank

The following are the things that can affect your rank author:

  • How often your content is distributed?
  • How fast is your content shared?
  • Who do you share that content?
  • Is that also share your content has a reputation for it's content?
  • Are the same people who always share your content?
  • How many comments arising from your content?
  • Who is commented?
  • Do they have experience in the field commented that?
  • Are there comments on quality content?
  • Is it positive sentiment comment?
  • How often your content is rewarded with +1?
  • Who gives +1?
  • Does that give +1 has a reputation for that problem?
  • Are the same people who always give +1?


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