Long Tail Keyword Solutions New Blog

Long Tail Keyword Solutions New Blog

M-Blogger ID - Long tail keywords are keyword length consisting of five words or more. This keyword is obviously much easier to master than short keywords. Most new blog with optimization of one or two months hoping to conquer the short keywords. Actually this is not a good move for a new blog.

How to Use Long Tail Keyword?

Actual implementation of long tail keywords is strongly influenced by the type of your blog. Is it an article of your blog mix-mix or have its own theme will have a different optimization.

I mean like this, if you have a niche blog mix, it should be long keyword optimization is emphasized in each article. Meanwhile, if your theme is quite specific, the emphasis can be focused keyword length on the homepage of your blog.

If I was too focused to control short key words, I am sure my visitor traffic to this blog will still be very little. So take your time to collect long keyword, spend time during the break to make an article every day, and spend your night to hunt backlinks. Perhaps this is a bit of input for new blog owners.

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